Who doesn’t love the smell of fresh, clean clothes? Yet, when it comes to actually doing laundry, very few of us look forward to it. These 8 laundry room painting ideas discussed in this article will help you change the look of your laundry room into an attractive one, so that you will never feel bored or reluctant when it’s laundry day, ever again!

Laundry Room Painting Ideas

Before we dig into the painting ideas, consider why it is very important that you repaint your laundry room. First, most of us can admit that our laundry room is the least decorated place in the house. I mean, we tend to focus too much on decorating the sitting room, bedroom, kitchen and other rooms, forgetting that even the laundry room exists! Therefore, painting this room gives it a newer, modern and more attractive look, just like other rooms.

Also, working in a well-painted laundry room gives you more motivation and energy to complete your chores. And the best thing about this is that; painting is the least expensive way of upgrading the laundry room into one of your favorite rooms in the house. Yes, you do not have to break the bank to get this room looking superb and modern; just with paint, a few tools and your hands, you can achieve a professional-looking, fancy laundry room.

Therefore, unless you want to make your laundry room a place that you dread going into, try out these 8 Laundry Room Painting Ideas that will ensure a soothing experience for you.


1. Behr Pink Mimosa

The Behr Pink Mimosa features a bright shade of pink with orange undertones. It is especially recommended for small laundry rooms with limited space, since it adds more personality and brightness to the room. Also, the shade can be paired with other neutral colors, such as white, or even other bolder colors such as red and orange.


2. Black and White

While light neutral colors are the most commonly used when it comes to creating a soothing space in the laundry room, black and white color combination also does wonders when added to the room. For example, adding black cabinetry adds sophistication to the laundry room, perfectly complementing the white room.

The black color especially adds a touch of drama when combined with gold hardware. Also, go for a white (or gray and white) back splash to tone down the highly contrasting drama of the timeless black and white combination.


3. Beige and White

Just like yellow, orange and brown, beige is a warm color. It adds vibrancy and good emotion to any room, making it a good choice for the laundry room, where a lot of activity takes place. You can choose to paint your walls beige. Also, since white tends to reflect light more effectively, consider painting the back splash white. The white color helps the laundry room appears visually expanded and spacious. And for more vibrancy, go for a multi color floor tile in the laundry room.


4. Gray and White

This laundry room painting idea is especially recommended for laundry rooms with heavy brick walls and wooden shelves. The pale gray color perfectly complements the dark trim of the wooden shelves, and also adds more light to the heavy brick wall. Such additional light is important since most laundry rooms are usually enclosed in windowless spaces.

On the other hand, the white color adds a clean, perfect contrast to the floor tiles. More so, it makes the laundry room feel larger and soothing.


5. Pale Aqua and White

To create a soothing space in your laundry room, start off with white. You could apply this white coat on the wainscot panel. Then, add a different light color to the walls or cabinets. For example, you could decide to go for watery blue color, applying it on the walls. Not only will the blue color evoke the refreshing feel of the beach, but it also recedes, such that your laundry room appears larger and more spacious.

To maintain the aqua and white color scheme of the laundry room, you can add blue flowers. Also, go for white detergent jars and buckets. The white color reflects light in the room, making it appear bright and clear.


6. Benjamin Moore Vanilla Milkshake

Are you one that prefers white-themed rooms? Well, the Benjamin Moore Vanilla Milkshake is the best shade of white paint that you can add to your laundry room. This share consists of a blend of white with hints of beige and grey. Therefore, it adds a sense of warmth to any laundry room the shade of color is added to, while still maintaining the bright feel of the room. More so, the color can be perfectly paired with black or red dryers and washers.


7. Blue, Gray and White

If you decide to go for this laundry room painting idea, consider adding white tiles and light blue walls. Then, go for dark gray cabinetry, rugs and flooring. The white and light blue color theme add a relaxing, cool vibe to the laundry room, white the dark gray reinforces the accent colors and are more texture in the room. Also, this color theme allows you to experiment with other different accent colors, such as orange rugs and accessories.


8. Gray, White and Yellow

Yellow is a perfect color for the laundry room, especially when combined with cool gray and white. You can go for yellow cabinets, yellow flowers or a yellow rug in this room. Then, add a white or gray flooring and back splash. The good thing about such a neutral backdrop is that it allows you to use different accent colors whenever you feel like.



Who said that the laundry room should be all work and no play? Doing laundry should never be a boring task at all! Yet, working in an old-painted or dull laundry room can make your laundry day very boring and hectic.

Therefore, if you want to make your laundry one of your favorite days of the week, try out one of the 8 Laundry Room Painting Ideas discussed above. By so doing, you will create a welcoming space in your laundry room; the kind of space that will make all laundry chores appear appealing and interesting!



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