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Having the best plastic storage bins can help you keep your home (or warehouse) neat and tidy. These storage bins not only maximize on available space, but also keep all your items safe and free from damage. What’s even better, plastic storage bins come in a wide range of sizes, designs, shapes, colors, and even prices.

However, contrary to what most people think, high-priced bins do not always mean great quality and durability. There are fairly-priced storage bins that still offer great benefits and functionality. One such best budget plastic storage bin that experts recommend is the Iris USA 32QT Plastic Storage Bin Tote.


The Iris USA 32QT Plastic Storage Bin Review


This plastic bin tote is built using polypropylene material; a high-quality material which gives it its sturdiness and high durability. The USA quality polypropylene material is also anti-break. Therefore, you can safely store all heavy items in the storage organizer without having to worry about the bin breaking.


Bin Features:

The Iris USA 32QT bin is designed with a lid. Not only does the lid help to keep items tucked safely within the bin, but it also ensures privacy. In other words, while you may know what items are stored inside the container, the lid hides these from other people.

The Iris USA plastic storage bin also features storage buckles that latch onto the lid. These buckles separate the inside of the container from the outside environment, preventing any possible entry of dust, moisture and liquids. Therefore, you can store all your valuables in this tote without worry about them developing dirt, dust or mold.

Furthermore, the bottom of the Iris USA plastic bin is designed with a built-in handle. This handles makes it possible to carry the bin around the room or to other areas. More so, the pull handle makes it easier for used to reach up and pull the bin from higher shelves or locations.

The storage bin features a pearl color design. This design gives it a stylish look, such that users can even use it to add elegance into their rooms and living space. More so, the lid-body construction of the bin is built in such a way that it allows for stacking and easy movability. The lid features grooves which promote a secure stacking experience. And due to their stacking ability, these bins save on a lot of useful space in the apartment, house, condo or garage.


Bin Dimensions:

The plastic storage bin can be used for storing clutter in rooms, packing things when moving into a new house or simply organizing the cupboard. It measures 18.7″ (L) by 14.37″ (W) by 10.5″ (H), which is enough room for storing large towels, jackets, handbags and even larger cupboard items.



  • The organizer storage unit is partial see-through; it allows you to organize items smartly, while hiding these safely from others.
  • The Iris USA 32QT is green-certified and meets all USA quality standards.
  • It stacks nicely, maximizing on any available space.
  • It can be safely used in rooms with limited space, since it saves on a lot of space.
  • The fit incorporated on the lid makes the storage bin very stable.
  • The storage box is packed within another box, and also includes padding to ensure safety of the bin during transit.



  • The latches on the lid may break from time to time.
  • The plastic handles may break off when subjected to heavy weights.
  • The sides are indented, which makes them unsuitable for storing items such as files and documents.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Sturdy is the Iris USA Plastic Storage Bin?

Despite its lightweight structure, the Iris USA plastic storage bin is very strong and sturdy. It can perfectly hold items and store these safely without getting damaged. However, due to their 4 corner legs, it is recommended that you place these storage totes on a smooth surface.


2. What Should I Store in the Plastic Bin?

The size of the Iris USA bin tote can be compared to that of a cowboy boot box, but with a narrower length. Therefore, you can use it to store different items of medium sizes, such as tools, craft paints, canned goods, glitters, books, resin supplies, spray paints, etc. However, avoid storing bulky items or items with longer heights, such as spray cans, as these could put too much pressure on the handles.


3. Are the Bin Totes Transparent?

The Iris USA 32QT Plastic Storage Bins are quite cloudy. Therefore, it is quite hard to see through them; and this makes them ideal for storing items that you intend to hide from other people’s view.


Plastic storage bins are a must-have item for every household. With these bins, you can easily transform your home from a messy space to a neat, cluster-free environment. And the good news is: you don’t have to invest hundreds of dollars for these bins. All you need is a few bucks to buy the best budget plastic storage bin: The Iris USA 32QT Plastic Storage Bin. With this affordable storage tote, you will be able to achieve a clean and tidy look in your home


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