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When it comes to home organization and storage, most people prefer transparent plastic storage bins. These clear containers are easy to use, clean and maintain. What’s even better, they are easily visible, allowing users to see through and identify which contents are stored inside. Hence, you do not have to worry about pulling out the wrong containers or repeatedly opening different containers to identify what is inside.

While the market today offers a wide range of clear/transparent containers, one of these stands out from all other bins: The Iris Weathertight Storage Box, 62 Quart. In this article, we review what makes this tote special, and why you should consider investing in it!


Iris Weathertight Storage Box Product Review


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The Iris Weathertight 62QT is a heavy-duty, polypropylene storage bin tote. It can be used to store large valuables weighing as heavy as 45 pounds, such as camping gear heavy linens, crafting supplies and boards games. The storage box not only offers enough space to store many large items, but it is also sturdy enough, such that users can store heavy items safely without worrying about the box breaking or getting damaged.

The plastic container is designed with a lid that contains a Weathertight seal. This tight seal keeps air, dust and moisture out of the box, ensuring that all contents remain clean and free from mold. Also, the lids are built with grooves, making it possible to stack the 62QT totes on other totes of different capacities; the base of the bins fit snugly into each groove’s lid.

Stacking the plastic bins not only saves on space, but also creates customized storage solutions. In addition, to save on more space, the storage tote is built with straighter sides which maximize on interior space.

If you are the sort that prefer transparent storage bins, then this is just the ideal bin you should go for. The Iris Weathertight bin is made of clear, transparent material that allows you to see through into the contents inside. It also comes in 12 more sizes; so you can rest assured of finding the right size for your home and storage needs.


Where to Not Use Them:

Since it is made of polypropylene material, the Iris Weathertight Storage Bin tends to become brittle in cold environments or temperatures. Therefore, it would be wise to avoid using these bins in basements or garages, as these areas tend to freeze or drop low in temperatures. Otherwise, using these bins in such cold climates could lead to the latches and bin structures chipping.



  • The Iris Weathertight Storage Bin keeps all items clean, dry and dust-free – This is due to the tight seal placed on the lid.
  • The lid is reinforced to ensure stability and durability when stacking the boxes.
  • It is clear and transparent, allowing users to see through the inside of the bin.
  • It provides large space for storing plenty of items.
  • The storage bin tote provides a safe space for storing valuable and delicate materials.



  • The plastic handles can break if too heavy items are stored in the container.
  • When you first get the totes, they can be smelly – This is probably due to the fact that they have remained tightly sealed for quite a long time.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I Use the Bin for my Pets?

Of course, the best place to keep your pets would be in clear, transparent containers. However, the Iris Weathertight Storage Bin is designed with a Weathertight seal, which does not allow air and moisture into the container. And since your pets need air to breathe, this bin tote would not be an ideal “home” for your pet.

Also, the Iris Weathertight bin is relatively small for a pet cage. Therefore, it cannot be used to for hamsters, snakes, tortoises, chameleons, birds and other home pets.


2. How Many Bins Can You Stack Together?

The Iris Weathertight Storage Bin is rigid and sturdy. Therefore, it can safely hold a relatively heavy items. However, the total bins that you can stack together depend on two things: The cumulative weight of the entire stack and the total weight of the items stored in the bins. For lightweight-moderate items, you can stack up to 6 bins high.


3. Are these Bins Food Grade?

Yes, the Iris Weathertight 62QT bins are food grade. After all, they are made of polypropylene material which does not cause any harmful chemical reactions with food. More so, polypropylene has an excellent thermal resistance, which makes it ideal for storing food and using it in the microwave or dishwasher.



Indeed, the Iris Weathertight Storage Box, 62 Quart, is the best clear/transparent plastic storage bin you can go for. It offers such great versatility, such that you can use it to store almost any type of items, including food and cigars! So if you are looking to store your documents and items safely, get yourself one of these clear bins today and never have to worry about any mold or mildew issues!


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