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The most beautiful rooms and spaces are those that feature unique designs, right? Well, not really! The truth is, even simple spaces with no unique designs at all can still look visually appealing; as long as they remain clean, fresh and well-organized. And the best way to organize your space would be to utilize plastic storage bins for keepings items.

If yours is a cramped living space, you would do well to choose the best collapsible plastic storage bin: The I will Create Pro Collapsible Storage Bin with Lid. This collapsible bin will ensure that all your items remain well-organized, while saving up on a lot of space. In this article, we provide an honest review about this product to help you decide if it is worth buying. Read on!


IWill Create Pro Collapsible Storage Bin with Lid Review


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The IWill Create Pro bin measures 17.6″ by 13.6″ by 9.7″. It provides enough storage space for keeping magazines, seasonal clothes, books, toys, bedding and other average-sized, lightweight items. The storage tote can be used in different areas, such as the attic, cabinets and closet shelves.


Material & Function:

The collapsible storage bin is built using breathable linen and a thick polypropylene board on the interior. The polypropylene (PP) material gives the bin a high durability, while the breathable linen ensures that all the items stored in the container stay clean, dry and fresh. Also, due to its durability, the plastic storage bin is recommended for storing clothes, which tend to accumulate moisture, mold and misty odors quite easily.

The entire structure of the IWill Create Pro storage bin is collapsible. This means that it can be collapsed to fit tiny storage spaces, hence maximizing on limited space. Also, whenever you don’t need to use the bin, simply fold it and store it away in the closet. The bottom board of the tote is easily removable, allowing users to stack the boxes on top of each other. What’s even better, the boxes can be stacked without collapsing, regardless of whether they are full or empty.

Within the structure of the IWill Create Pro bin are double side zippers. These zippers allow users to conveniently put in items into the container or take them out with ease. Also, the front part and the sides of the storage bin have in-built handles; three handles in total. These handles make it easier to carry the container. Also, they allow users to slide the container in different angles or carry it in different directions.



  • The handles of the plastic bin are reinforced to ensure their sturdiness and durability.
  • The collapsible design of the storage tote helps to save on a lot of space.
  • The IWill Create Pro Collapsible Storage Box is just the ideal size to fit into a closet or wardrobe
  • It is made using breathable material, such that clothes and items stored in it do not develop mold or misty odors.
  • The installation process of the plastic storage bin is very easy; it only requires 3 simple steps to install.
  • Multiple collapsible bins, whether full or empty, can be stacked on top of each other.
  • It is multi-purpose; it can be used in different places at home for storing different types of items.
  • The plastic storage bin keeps all contents inside clean and safe.



  • The IWill Create Pro bin is made using opaque material, making it difficult to identify the contents of the box.
  • The bin does not contain any slot for a label.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I Stuff and Stack Collapsible Storage Bin?

Yes, you can safely stuff and stack your iWill Create Pro collapsible storage bins. However, avoid storing heavy items in these; instead, it would be best to store linens, toys and other similarly light items that will not put too much pressure onto the bin. Also, you can stack multiple bins onto each other, and they will still hold up great whether empty or full.


2. What Material is Used to Make the Bin?

The iWill Create Pro bun includes a lining fabric made of oxford material. However, the outside fabric is made of a special cationic polyester blend fabric. This fabric is environmental-friendly, since it is not treated with any chemicals, such as fire retardants and waterproofing.


3. How Can I Label the Storage Bin?

This specific bin is not designed with a slot bin. However, if you would like to add labeling to your storage tote, you can consider putting a sticky label. Alternatively, you can use a recipe card that is cut down just a little, since it is quite stiffer than regular plain paper.



Collapsible storage totes are must-have items for all those living in limited space apartments or dorms. Not only do these help to keep your room tidy, but they also take up very little space, such that maintain a fresh and spacious look in your home. So unless you want to continue living in that cramped, cluttered space, get your home the best collapsible plastic storage bin: The iWill Create Pro Collapsible Storage Bin with Lid.


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