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The last place you want to put your dirty linens and clothes is on the floor. Not only do floors accumulate dust pretty easily, but they also tend to develop mold and mildew. Therefore, throwing your dirty clothes on the floor exposes them to dirt and mold. Even worse, doing so could lead to permanent damaging of the clothes, forcing you to spend extra cash buying new clothes.

Therefore, it is crucial that you find a safe and convenient place to keep your clothes. While there are different places where you could keep these, none beats the benefits and convenience provided by hanging laundry hampers. These types of hampers can be hanged over the door, around the doorknob or in the closet.

Hanging laundry hampers helps to keep laundry off the floor, or even off the furniture for those who find themselves piling clothes on the couch. In turn, this ensures that a room always remains neat, tidy and cluster-free. More so, hanging hampers save on a lot of floor space, making them ideal for limited spaces and smaller apartments.

However, considering that these laundry hampers need to be hang, they should be lightweight and easy to carry around. Even so, not all hanging laundry hampers offer these necessary attributes. So the big question is: Which hanging laundry hamper can guarantee to offer you the best service and convenience?

Well, we did a thorough research and identified the Best Hanging Laundry Hamper; the Household Essentials 148 Hanging Cotton Canvas Laundry Hamper Bag. In this article, we review this product to help you make a wise decision on whether to invest in the hamper. Read along!


Household Essentials 148 Hanging Cotton Canvas Laundry Hamper Bag Review



The Household Essentials 148 Laundry Hamper is one of the most flexible hampers sold in the market. It can be hang on the doorknob, over a clothing rod, on the bedpost or on the wall. The hamper features a patented hanger design which helps to keep the bag open and accessible. This design achieves this by creating a rim around the opening of the bag.


Hamper Measurements and Material:

This innovative laundry hamper measures 27″ high by 16.25″ wide by 6″ deep. These measurements are just the ideal size, allowing the bag to fit just perfectly in the space under the doorknob. It especially fits well on standard level door handles and knobs, such that the door closes and opens easily. It is no wonder, then, that the laundry hamper is recommended for small bedrooms, bathrooms, dorms and closets with limited wall or floor space.

The Household Essentials Hanging Hamper Bag is made of heavy-duty canvas material. Not only does the heavy-duty material make it highly durable, but it also makes it sturdy enough to hold up to two loads of laundry. Also, the canvas material is breathable, and allows enough air flow into the laundry hamper. This prevents the clothes from developing any mold, mildew and strong odors. And as an added advantage, the canvas bag can be washed easily with machine and hanged to dry.

The back of the hanging laundry hamper is fully zippered to ensure easy emptying of laundry. Also, both the rim and the hook can be slipped out. The fact that the hook slips out easily means that it can be carried easily around the house. On the other hand, the rim keeps the shape of the bag firmly in place.



  • The Household Essentials 148 canvas bag can be washed with machine, even on cold water settings.
  • Despite its compact design, the hamper can provide enough space for a large load of laundry (up to 2 medium loads).
  • Its takes up very little space and does not interfere with the opening or closing of doors.
  • The metal hook of the laundry hamper has a strong, tight fit.
  • The laundry hamper’s zipper and canvas fabric are highly durable and do not wear out easily.



  • Placing too much weight on the laundry hamper could cause the hook to bend and lose shape.
  • The hook may at times slide out of place, causing the bag to zip open.


Frequently Asked Questions on This Hamper:

Can I Use the Laundry Hamper for Travel?

The Household Essentials 148 Hanging Laundry Bag is not recommended for travel. This is because the hamper is relatively large, which makes it difficult to pack and carry. Also, the bag constitutes a rigid metal frame which would be difficult to fold flat. Instead, you could choose to use a smaller mesh laundry bag for traveling.


How Much Load of Laundry Can the Hamper Hold?

The hanging laundry hamper is quite study and has a capacity larger than expected. It can hold up to two solid medium loads, or one very large load of laundry. However, the exact amount of load that the hamper can hold is usually determined by the weight of your clothes and the strength of the hook.


Is the Laundry Hamper Ideal for Dorms?

Yes! The Household Essentials 148 laundry hamper can be used in dorms. It is super compact and saves on a lot of floor space, making it ideal for use in dorms with limited space. You can hang the hamper on a wall hook or a doorknob. However, remember that the hamper does not close; hence, it could prove quite challenging to carry it when you choose to take it to the laundromat.


Is the Hanger Fixed or Does It Rotate?

The hanger of the laundry hamper does not rotate 360° or anything like it. However, it can turn easily when adjusted to another direction.



Unless you want to keep throwing clothes on that couch, it is high time you got your home a hanging laundry hamper. These uniquely designed hampers helps to save on a lot of space and provide a convenient place to keep clothes. So the next time you go out shopping for a laundry hamper, you would do well to choose the Best Hanging Laundry Hamper: The Household Essentials 148 Hanging Cotton Canvas Laundry Hamper Bag!




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