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When it comes to choosing the best kitchen trash cans, size matters. You want to choose the trash can that will not only fit your kitchen space perfectly but also meet the needs of your household. Simply put, the larger your household, the larger the kitchen trash can you will need.

If yours is a relatively large family, you would benefit greatly from using the best large kitchen trash can: The Glad Stainless Steel Step Trash Can. But what makes this particular trash can a one-of-a-kind bin worth buying? Read on this honest review to find out how the Glad step trash can stands out from similar trash bins and why you should invest in it.

Glad Stainless Steel Step Trash Can Review



The Glad step trash can has a capacity of 20 gallons; an extra capacity that accommodates 50% more trash than the standard 13-gallon kitchen trash cans sold in the market. Due to its huge size, the trash bin takes quite some time to fill up, which means fewer rounds of trips taking out the garbage!


Material & Design

The kitchen trash bin is made of high-quality stainless steel material. The steel lid features Clorox protection, as well as a tightly-fitting frame that prevents any unwanted odors from seeping through the trash bin and creating a smelly kitchen space. And as an added advantage, the lid and frame hinge has a smooth opening and closing mechanism which allow you to open the bin and remove the large trash bags easily.


Also, the Glad stainless steel trash can is designed with multiple compartments. These compartments make it easier for family members to separate trash and other recyclable items. For example, you can use the rear bag compartment to store extra trash bags; a convenient storage location that allows you to dispense the garbage bags from the side without moving or interfering with the can.


This high-quality trash can also features inner bag rings. These rings keep the garbage bags secure and tightly in place, eliminating the need for inner trash can liners. Therefore, when you buy the elegant Glad step trash can, you won’t have to worry about excess trash spilling out or being visible from the outside. And by keeping trash hidden and out of sight, the trash can ensures that your kitchen space remains neat at all times.


Another outstanding feature of the Glad stainless steel kitchen trash can is its quiet step operation. The trash can is opened easily by stepping on an in-built pedal, after which it closes in a convenient and controlled gentle manner, without any banging. Furthermore, the kitchen trash bin has a unique finish that is highly resistant to smudging and fingerprints.



  • The Glad stainless steel step trash can do not require any inner trash liners; it has bag rings that keep slack out of sight.
  • The trash can offers Clorox protection which keeps unwanted odors under control.
  • The surface of the kitchen trash can is resistant to fingerprints and smudging; hence, the can remains shiny and elegant for a long time.
  • It is ideal for large families and large kitchen spaces.
  • All trash remains contained within the bin, keeping the kitchen space looking neat and organized all the time.



  • Over time, it might become difficult to remove the full trash bags, due to the rings getting in the way.


Frequently Asked Questions


1. Does the Glad Stainless Steel Step Trash Can Have an Insert?

No, the Glad step trash can do not include any liner or insert. All you need to do is just put a Glad trash bag in the can. The absence of the insert makes it possible to open the trash can fully and utilize it to its full capacity. Also, it makes it easier to clean the interior, while preventing any possible tears inside.


2. What is the Inside of the Trash Can Made of?

The walls of the interior part of the Glad step trash can are made of stainless steel material. On the other hand, the bottom part is made of quality plastic material. In other words, the interior is just similar to the exterior part, whose walls are also made of stainless steel with the bottom part being made of plastic.


3. What Garbage Bags Fit This Trash Can?

Any 13-gallon trash bags would fit perfectly into the Glad step trash can. However, make sure to wrap the garbage bags to the bag rings to secure them tightly in place, prevent the bag from falling in and keep any slacks completely hidden.



Are you planning to get a trash can for your large household? Well, what you need is the best large kitchen trash can: The Glad Stainless Steel Step Trash Can. This perfectly-sized trash can will accommodate all the “trash needs” of your big family and help you keep your kitchen fresh and clean all the time!



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