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Doing laundry is in itself quite a tedious task. Yet, it could become even more tiring when you have to move your laundry around the house. I mean, you won’t always wear your clothes from the laundry room. Every time you wash your clothes and fold them, you will have to carry them back to your room, or to the rooms of other family members.

However, carrying the entire laundry hamper from one room to another only makes you more tired, and you can really start dreading laundry day. On the contrary, laundry hampers on wheels make it easier to move laundry around the house, or even outside to distant laundry areas. Yet, easy mobility is not just the only benefit provided by laundry hampers on wheels; there are a ‘thousand and one’ more benefits offered by this crucial tool.

First, hampers on wheels are also convenient for carrying heavier clothes. They prove especially beneficial to elderly folks who, due to their limited strength, find it difficult to carry fully-loaded laundry bags from the laundry room to their rooms. The wheeled hampers make it possible for these elderly ones to carry heavy items to whichever place they want and with minimal effort. Better yet, these portable hampers double as storage boxes, such as for storing toys, books, bottles and other items.

Still, not all laundry hamper on wheels offer satisfactory services to their users. In fact, some of the most expensive portable laundry hampers have the least and most negative reviews from buyers. So to help you avoid make the wrong choice when buying your hamper, we have done the research for you and identified the Best Laundry Hamper on Wheels: The Sterilite Ultra Wheeled Hamper.

Read on to find out what makes this particular hamper better than other similar hampers!


The Sterilite Ultra Wheeled Hamper Review

The 3-in-1 Sterilite Ultra Wheeled Hamper is ranked among the top 5 best laundry hampers on wheels. Built using high-quality plastic material, it features sturdy wheels that glide smoothly on almost all floor surfaces, such as tile, hardwood and carpet. These wheels make the hamper highly portable, so that it can be transported easily around the house.

This wheeled hamper features a retractable handle that can be pulled in and out easily. The handle provides a secure grip when transporting the laundry hamper. Furthermore, each side of the hamper is fitted with integrated handles; these handles provide a smooth gripping surface, especially when lifting the hamper.

The Sterilite laundry hamper is built with a flip-top lid. Therefore, you can easily tuck in your clothes into the hamper, then close the lid to makes these appear neat and contained. Also, the hamper is designed with a large hole pattern that encourages sufficient airflow into the clothes. Not only does this hole pattern keep all the clothes well-ventilated, but it also eliminates any moisture, mold and mildew from inside the hamper.

The overall assembled dimensions of this hamper is: 21″ (L) × 13.75″ (W) × 28.375″ (H). It can be used for storing dirty clothes, laundry items, or clean clothes needing sorting and folding. The Sterilite Ultra Wheeled Hamper is also ideal for users living in dorm rooms or apartments. More so, its sturdy construction and rim reinforcement gives it the capability to be used safely day after day.



  • The laundry hamper features a contemporary design which adds class and elegance to whichever room it is added to.
  • It has a durable construction and lasts for many years without wearing out.
  • It is built with a slim profile, making it ideal for use in different types of floor spaces; it can even be used in limited spaces and small apartments.
  • The ventilated bases promote breathability in the laundry hamper, ensuring that moisture, mold and mildew do not develop in the clothes.
  • The Sterilite Ultra Wheeled Hamper features a wide opening that allows for easier access of the clothes inside.
  • The top lid helps to contain all the clothes in the hamper, making the room appear neat and well-organized.
  • It is a portable hamper, which makes it convenient for transporting it from the laundry room to other rooms in the house.
  • The hamper provides adequate storage space; it can accommodate up to 3 loads of laundry per bin.



  • The plastic material used to make the outer ring of the hamper’s top part may break quite easily.
  • The wheels roll loudly when in transit, which can be a turn off for some users.
  • The retractable handle is relatively short, which might make you bend down to pull it.


Sterilite Ultra Wheeled Hamper FAQ’s

Here are some commonly asked questions about this laundry hamper


Can the Laundry Hamper Be Rolled Over Gravel?

The Sterilite Ultra Wheeled Hamper is designed with smooth gliding wheels that can be rolled over tile, hardwood, carpet and similar flooring types. However, the wheels are relatively small, which makes them unsuitable for use over dirt, mud and gravel. Wheels that are meant for use over gravel surfaces are usually larger.


Should I Push or Pull the Hamper?

The handle of the Ultra Wheeled Hamper makes it possible to push and pull the hamper. Since it slides up and down, you can easily push the handle or even pull it. Most people usually prefer pulling the laundry hampers. However, users who are in power chairs may find it much easier to push the hamper instead of pulling it.


How do I Assemble the Laundry Hamper?

The 3-in-1 Sterilite Ultra Wheeled Hamper comes with 2 pieces of plastic. To assemble it, all you need to do is to simply pop the 2 pieces of plastic into the hamper. Then, put the lid on and voila, your laundry hamper will be completely assembled and ready for use.



If you are looking to buy a portable hamper for your laundry room, the Sterilite Ultra Wheeled Hamper should be among your top choices. This Best Laundry Hamper on Wheels not only provides you with enough space to store all your loads of laundry, but it also allows you to transport laundry easily around the house. Get your family one of these hampers, and enjoy its high-quality service for many more years to come!

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