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Take a closer look at your living space, garage and any other room in your home. Are you satisfied with how it looks? Well, for most of us, our homes may benefit from a little cleaning and tidying up. Plastic storage bins come in really handy when it comes to organizing spaces.

However, sometimes, the items you need to store may not fit into your regular plastic bins. For example, sports equipment, camping gear and other larger items require oversize bins into which they can fit snugly. So if you are looking to store any large items in your home, you need to buy the best oversize plastic storage bin: The Homz Snaplock Clear Storage Bin with Lid.


Homz Snaplock Clear Storage Bin with Lid Review



With an extra-large space of 41 Quart, the Homz Snaplock Clear Storage Bin provides enough storage space for larger items. For example, it can be used to store holiday decorations, camping gear, party supplies, boots, heavy clothes, pantry items, linens, off-season items and other oversized items.

The Homz Snaplock bin is built with a lid, ensuring that any contents stored in the bin do not fall or spill. The lid snaps perfectly onto the base of the tote, ensuring a secure closure. Also, it is sturdy enough to allow for users to stack the bins on top of each other, without any sinking or breaking. Stacking multiple Homz Snaplock storage bins together encourages a minimalist design in the house, since it saves on a lot of valuable space.

This particular storage bin is also clear and see-through. Therefore, all the contents that you store in the bin will be clearly visible, such that you always find what you need easily. This is contrary to opaque plastic bins, which will have you open each individual bin when looking for a specific item. You can use the Homz Snaplock storage bin in your basement, laundry room, office area, playroom, closet, attic or even in the classroom.


Bin Dimensions:

One set of the Homz Snaplock storage tote comes with 2 bins and 2 white lids. The exterior dimensions (at the widest point) of the plastic storage bin are 34.375″ x 15.5″ x 6″ while the interior dimensions (at the narrowest point) are 29.68″ x 12.66″ x 5.53″. The exterior part has a modular design which ensures maximum utilization of available space. On the other hand, the interior sides have a smooth design which provide additional storage space.

Besides, this bin has a shallow profile which makes it ideal for use as an under-bed storage. To allow for easier storage under the bed, it is built with wheels and an ergonomic design. The wheels make it possible to roll the storage bin from under the bed and remove it conveniently. Better yet, the bins feature handles that make carrying and transportation much easier.



  • The lid of the bin forms a tight, secure seal, ensuring all items are stored safely.
  • It can be used to store large and oversize items.
  • It can be fitted under the bed, saving on space.
  • Several Homz Snaplock bins can be stacked together to save on limited space.
  • It features handles which make it easy to carry.
  • The plastic storage bin is portable and can be wheeled easily across the room.
  • They come in a wide range of sizes and colors.



  • Some buyers claim that the Homz Snaplock storage bins are prone to cracking easily especially during transit.
  • The bins are relatively expensive compared with other large storage bins.


Frequently Asked Questions on This Bin:

1. Which Material is Used to Make the Plastic Bin?

The Homz Snaplock storage bin is built using polypropylene (PP) material. This high-quality material ensures its durability, so that the bin provides quality service for many years. What’s even better, the polypropylene material is environmental-friendly; it can be recycled and re-used.


2. How Many Bins Can You Fit Under the Bed?

The Homz storage tote fits perfectly under the bed, providing an out-of-the-way storage space. For a standard twin bed, 4 containers can be fitted perfectly under the bed. As for a full bed, it can accommodate 6 Homz Snaplock bins under it. On the other hand, 7 storage bins can fit well under a queen bed, while 10 totes can fit perfectly under a king-size bed.


If not stored well, large and oversize items may make a room appear messy. On the contrary, organizing the oversize items and storing them in bins helps to make a room appear neater, tidier and fresher. Therefore, to achieve a clutter-free home, order the best oversize plastic storage bin in the market today: The Homz Snaplock Clear Storage Bin with Lid.


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