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Basements, garages and attics are often used as catch-all for all types of items, from rarely used items to junk. However, while these provide convenient spaces for storing items, they tend to be left disorganized and full of clutter.

Yet, your garage, basement or attic does not have to remain a disorganized space. You can always turn it into a beautiful space that not only serves all your organizational needs, but also promotes a clean and peaceful environment. And to achieve such a clean, tidy space, all you need is to use the best plastic storage bin for garages, basements and attics: The Rubbermaid Roughneck Storage Tote.


The Rubbermaid Roughneck Storage Tote Review


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This storage bin tote is built using heavy-duty, polyethylene material. Not only is this material sturdy and impact-resistant, but it can also withstand harsh temperatures and weather conditions, such as extreme heat and cold. In fact, the tote can withstand extreme temperature changes of between 0-110℉.

Therefore, you can safely keep your items in the Rubbermaid Roughneck bin without worrying about them getting damage by moisture or intense heat; weather factors that are common in garages and attics. However, the storage tote is not limited to use in the basement or garage; it can also be used to organize the laundry room, closet and bedroom.


Strength and Durability:

The heavy-duty construction of the Rubbermaid Roughneck Storage Bin gives it a lifetime of strength and durability. It can hold large and bulky items, making it ideal for storing heavy blankets, sports equipment, camping gear, tools, dog food, holiday storage and other larger items.

Due to its sturdiness, the Rubbermaid Roughneck tote can be stacked easily, without buckling or cracking. Also, the bin is designed with a stay-tight lid that prevents any moisture from sipping through into the container. This makes the totes ideal for storing non-perishable foods, such as cereals, dried food and rice.

The Rubbermaid tote also includes built-in handles which make it easier to carry and move around the room. However, to ensure the safety of the bin, you are recommended to avoid overloading it, or filling it with items until the lid bulges. Overloading or storing too heavy items would put a lot of pressure on the handles, and even cause eventual wearing out of the bin.



  • The polyethylene material used to make the storage bin can survive harsh weather conditions.
  • The lid is water-tight and does not pop off easily.
  • Even under freezing conditions (as cold as -100°F), the storage bin tote won’t brittle or break.
  • The Rubbermaid Roughneck Storage Tote has an average size; big enough to store most of your basement, garage and attic items.
  • The plastic storage bin is highly durable and gives users value for their money.
  • It stacks very easily, saving on a lot of storage space in the room.
  • The bin can be used for storing food items, especially the non-perishable ones.
  • It comes packaged in a firm and attractive box.



  • Some customers complain that the bin comes with a gap on the tubs outer plastic rim.
  • The handles of the lid are not as strong and may break quite easily under pressure.



Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can the Rubbermaid Roughneck Totes Store Food in Commercial Freezers?

Yes, the Rubbermaid plastic storage bin can be used to store food in a large-sized commercial freezer. After all, these bins are air tight and moisture free. Hence, they do not allow moisture into the container; moisture which could cause food spoilage. However, when you choose to store food in the bin and use it in a freezer, ensure that they lid is completely sealed.


2. How Many Totes Are Included in One Package?

When buying the Rubbermaid Roughneck plastic storage bin, you have the option of choosing between 1, 4 or 6 totes. Also, for each tote, you can expect it to come with its specific lid. However, the lids are usually not sold separately.


3. Are the Storage Bits Pet/Bug Proof?

The Rubbermaid Roughneck tote is made of polyethylene material which is relatively tough for mice and other pets to chew through. Also, once the lid is put in place, it creates a very tight seal which prevents any bugs and insects from getting inside. Therefore, you can safely store items and food substances without worrying about pets or bugs damaging them.



For most people, the basement is a just a catch-all space that does not require any organizing or maintaining. However, contrary to what most people think, these spaces require just as regular cleaning and tidying like other rooms in the house.

And to organize your basement or attic, you don’t need a hundred items and tools. Rather, all you need is the best plastic storage bin for garages, basements and attics: The Rubbermaid Roughneck Storage Tote. With this specific bin, you can safely store your items and turn your basement into a tidy, well-organized space fit to even live in!


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