Cleaning windows can be quite a daunting task. You try your best to get the exteriors clean, but they just never seem to look crystal clear. Or each time you leave the windows to dry, you always find chalky streaks or filmy residues forming on the windows. So, how can you efficiently clean the windows so that they sparkle clean without leaving any films or residues?

Homemade Window Cleaner Recipe

Well, there are numerous ways of cleaning windows. Some of these ways involve using chemical products sold in stores, while others require one to make homemade concoctions. But which of these ways is more effective in leaving the windows shiny?

In this guide, we discuss the best homemade window cleaner recipe according to research. Also, read on to find out why you should use a homemade cleaner instead of the concoctions bought in stores.


Why Use Homemade Cleaners

If you regularly buy chemical cleaning products, you must be familiar with words like ‘irritant’ and ‘corrosive.’ These words usually appear on most cleaning agents, next to hazardous symbols. Yes, it is no secret that most chemical cleaning products have chronic effects on windows, and also pose health risks to the users.

On the contrary, most homemade cleaners are eco-friendly and safe for humans. They are no less effective than the chemical concoctions; these homemade recipes will still leave every part of your windows sparkling clean. Indeed, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by using a homemade cleaner.


Recipe for Vinegar Window Washing Solution

One of the best homemade recipes you can use to clean your windows is vinegar solution.

The Process:

1.) Pour equal parts of distilled vinegar and hot water in a spray bottle – However, if you are working on more windows, it would be best to pour the solution in a bucket.

2.) Spray the solution to the windows, as if first moistening them.

3.) Using a sponge mop or squeegee clean your windows from the top down. Remember to wipe the edge of the sponge after each stroke.

4.) After rinsing the window frames, dry them with a microfiber cloth immediately to avoid causing any damages.


Additional Notes and Tips

  • While the above homemade recipe mainly works for outside windows, it can also be used for indoors. However, when used indoors, ensure that you rinse the windows with plenty of water. Also, the thorough rinsing should be done immediately, before the vinegar solution dries on the windows.
  • For those window glasses that are extremely grimy, prewash them using soapy water before spraying the vinegar solution.
  • It is highly recommended that you only wash your windows when they are not reflecting direct sun. Otherwise, they could become too hot, preventing them from becoming sparkling clean.
  • To remove highly resistant spots on windows, dip a clean cloth in undiluted vinegar then run it hard on these spots.


Did you know that the appearance of your home, both outside and inside, is greatly affected by how your windows look like? Hence, while cleaning your windows may not be a priority to you, it is high time you include the routine in your schedule. The above vinegar homemade window cleaner recipe can help you keep your windows clean, so that your home always remains attractive and appealing.

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