How do you wash a single piece of cloth? It could be that you intend to wear a particular cloth to an event, but it is in the laundry basket with other dirty clothes. And most probably, you do not have enough time to wash it in the machine with all the other clothes in the basket. Or maybe you intend to clean a particular cloth that is too delicate and could risk getting damaged if washed in the washing machine. In such scenarios, you would do well to learn how to wash a single piece of cloth.

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How Do You Wash a Single Piece of Cloth?

the most recommended way to wash a single piece of cloth is by handwashing it. While hand washing clothes may require you to put in that extra effort, it is usually worth it in the long run. Washing delicate clothes by hand helps to preserve them and protect them from damage. And by preserving the clothes, handwashing extends the life of your favorite and special clothes. The longer your clothes remain in good condition, the less money you will spend buying new ones. On the other hand, it is not recommended to use the washing machine for washing a single piece of cloth.

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Can I Wash a Single Piece of Cloth in the Washing Machine?

It can be quite tempting to use the washing machine to wash just a single piece of cloth. After all, most modern washing machines feature a handwash or delicate setting that makes it safe to wash delicate clothes in the machine.

However, even if your machine has a setting that supports the washing of a single piece of cloth, using it would only waste water and electricity. Besides, washing a single piece of cloth would make the washing machine go out of balance, in turn vibrating vigorously during spinning. Such vibrations could even cause damage to your machine.

Therefore, if you are planning to wash a single piece of cloth, it is advisable that you wash it by hand. However, if you have to use the washing machine, do not wash just the single item alone; rather, wash the piece of cloth with a few other items. Then, use the small load setting of your washing machine as it will allow you to wash the items well and even save on water and energy.


How to Hand-Wash Clothes

Not all clothes can be cleaned in the washing machine; some cloth items are simply too delicate, which makes them prone to damage if washed in the machine. Usually, these clothes have a hand wash symbol in their labels. To wash these clothes by hand, follow these 4 simple steps:

A. Read the Label

Check the label in the garment for any product recommendations for washing the cloth. If the cloth does not have any care label, use a dishwashing liquid or a mild detergent to wash it.

B. Fill a Sink With Water

Fill a sink or tub with clean water. Ensure the water is at the temperature recommended on the label. However, if there is no care label, it is best to use lukewarm water. Then, add detergent as per the needs of your cloth; the larger the item, the more detergent you will need to use.

C. Submerge and Soak the Cloth

Let the cloth soak in the water for some minutes. Then, using gentle movements, swish the cloth through the water until it is clean. Do not twist or scrub the item as doing so could damage or stretch the fabric. Alternatively, you can buy tools for handwashing clothes and use these, especially if you handwash clothes regularly.

D. Rinse 

Drain the sudsy water and refill the sink with clean cool water. With gentle movements push the item through the water to remove all soap. Repeat this rinsing process with clean water until all soap is removed.

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How to Dry Hand-Washed Clothes

After handwashing your clothes, the next step should be to line-dry them. Follow these three steps to ensure a safe and effective drying process for your clothes:

A. Squeeze Out Excess Water

Avoid wringing or twisting the garment when drying to prevent any possible stretching of the fabric. Instead, squeeze out the excess water gently.

B. Lay the Garment on a Towel

Lay a dry, white towel on a flat surface. Then, lay the handwashed item on the towel and pat it into shape. Roll the towel so that it encases the piece of cloth in the towel. Press on the towel gently; the towel should absorb water from the garment. If the towel becomes saturated, repeat the process with another clean towel.

C. Air-Dry the Cloth

Check the care label of the garment for instructions on how to dry and reshape the cloth. However, if there is no label, lay a dry white towel on flat, moisture-resistant surface. Then, lay the garment on the towel and flip it over periodically. When the towel becomes damp, replace it with another dry towel and repeat the process until the cloth dries completely. Alternatively, lay the cloth on a mess and let it air-dry naturally.

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Handwashing clothes is the best way to protect your delicate clothes and keep them good-looking for many more years. And if you are wondering how do you wash a single piece of cloth, follow the instructions mentioned in this article to handwash your clothes. When you do so, you will save yourself all those high energy bills and water costs that you would’ve spent washing a single piece of cloth in the washing machine.

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