Do you know what people notice first when they enter your house? The scent! Yes, unless you know how to make your house smell great, you could actually be putting off your visitors and in general making your mood drop, a heavenly scented house adds so much to everything!

How to Make Your House Smell Great

You want your home to always feel fresh and welcoming, right? Well, it is very crucial that you make it a habit to enhance the smell of your house. Even if you don’t notice any weird smell in your home, you still need to do this. After all, you could’ve just been exposed to these scents for too long, making it harder for you to notice them.

The good news is that you do not need any chemical air fresheners or artificial room freshening sprays to make your house smell great. You can still achieve a fresh-smelling house with simple, natural methods.

The following are eight natural proven ways on how you can make your house smell great:


1. Open Your Doors and Windows

This is the simplest, yet most effective way to make your house smell great and naturally clean. When you open the doors and windows, you let in cool, fresh air into the house. The fresh air whisks away any stale odors and other lingering smells in the house.

Air from the outside has a clean, fresh scent itself; hence, letting it inside the house helps to enhance its good smell. The only downside about throwing open the doors and windows is that it is not a good option during the cooler seasons.


2. Use Essential Oil Diffusers

Using a diffuser is a very effective way of spreading good scent around the house. Unlike most plug-in air fresheners which tend to be unnatural and too pricey, natural essential oils are free of chemicals, making it a safe choice for use in the house.

Buy a diffuser that can be used for daily freshening of the house. Fill it with clean water, add several drops of your preferred natural essential oil, then turn it on. Essential oil diffusers work by creating a fine mist, which in turn carries the good scent of the oils throughout the house.


3. Boil Potpourri

On a stove, simmer a mixture of good-smelling herbs, spices and dried petals. The warmth provided by the stove ensures that the scent spreads all over the house. Therefore, rather than simply place some potpourri in small bowls around the house, it is more advisable to simmer some on the stove.

There are a wide range of potpourri recipes that you can try out. For instance, if you simply want a clean, fresh smell in your house, you can make a lemon, rosemary and vanilla potpourri. On the other hand, if you prefer a fall coziness smell, try apples, orange and cinnamon potpourri.


4. Place Some Votive Candles in Coffee Beans

Votive candles are popularly known as prayer candles. They are among the most common scent candles used in homes. In fact, chances are that you have some of these lying around in your house.

Lit a few of these votive candles. Fill a clean, empty container with whole coffee beans, then place the lit candles in the beans. Being a natural method, placing votive candles in coffee beans will encourage a clean, healthy scent in your house.


5. Clean Your Garbage Disposal

In most cases, a foul-smelling kitchen is usually caused by the funky smell of the garbage disposal. Therefore, one way you can restore the fresh smell of your kitchen, and even the entire house, is by cleaning your garbage disposal.

To achieve this, first gather several lemon peels (you can also use orange peels). Fill an ice cube tray with water, then put these peels in them. Place the ice cube tray in the fridge then allow it to freeze. Run the frozen ice cubes and peels through the garbage disposal.

Being naturally abrasive, the ice cubes will work to clean the disposal blades. On the other hand, the lemon or orange peels provide natural, deodorizing properties which enhance the fresh smell of the house.


6. Bake Vanilla in the Oven

This is one of the easiest and fastest ways to achieve a fresh-smelling house. In a clean mug, add 2 capfuls of vanilla extract. Alternatively, you can use any other dish that you have, as long as it can be safely used in the oven. Then, bake your vanilla at 300 degrees for 1 hour. This will cause your house to smell heavenly without too much hassle.


7. Sprinkle Baking Soda on the Carpets

Sometimes, when cleaning the house, water may seep under the carpets and furniture, leading to a damp odor overtime. Even more, a damp smell may develop when moisture is trapped under the carpets during the cold, winter seasons.

To prevent any foul, damp smells from your carpets, sprinkle some baking soda on these. Pay more attention to the corners, hallways and other high-traffic areas in the house. Then, vacuum the house as you normally do to promote a clean, odorless air. Baking soda is popular for its natural deodorizing properties. What’s even better, it is a very affordable product.


8. Use a Homemade Cleaning Spray

There are plenty of cleaning sprays sold in the market; all intended to enhance the smell of your house. But why should you go for these chemical cleaning sprays while you can make your DIY cleaning sprays at your very own home?

To make a DIY cleaning spray, you can use simple home products from your pantry. Most of these homemade sprays are made with herbs, white vinegar and citrus peels. And the good thing about the sprays is that they do not pollute the air nor cause any abrasive effects on house items.

More so, you will get to save a lot of money which you would’ve otherwise spent buying commercial cleaning sprays, and even get your home smelling great again: a win-win situation for you!


Unpleasant smells and odors is something we all hate. Yet, sometimes a thorough cleaning of the house is not enough to get rid of these scents.

To maintain the fresh smell of your house, follow the above 8 suggested ways on how to make your house smell great. When you do that, you will turn your house from being just a home to being a cozy, ‘delicious’ haven for you and your family!


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