There are a lot of things that people disagree over, but one thing most of us have in common is the fact that we want to keep our furniture and appliances looking like they’re new for as long as possible. It just makes us feel better about the appearance of our homes.



But if there’s one thing that will ruin an otherwise pristine appliance, it’s unsightly scratches on top of it. Sadly though, an appliance getting scratched is a common occurrence, especially if that appliance often has things placed on top of it. For example… washer and dryers.

So a question that a lot of society has probably googled at some point would be how to protect top of washer and dryer from scratches. But if you are one of those people then don’t worry, we’re going to discuss the answer and much more in this article!


How To Protect Top Of Washer And Dryer From Scratches?


The easiest way to protect the tops of your washer and dryer from scratches is to avoid allowing objects that may cause scratches to be put on top of them. But if this is impossible or if you’d like more assurance that your washer and dryer won’t be scratched then you could consider lining the tops of them with a plastic liner.


How Do You Fix Scratches On Stainless Steel Washers And Dryers?

Stainless steel appliances are becoming more and more popular, so chances are that you have a stainless steel washer and dryer. If you do, and if the tops of the washer or dryer get scratched then here are some steps you can take to remove those scratches easily!


Removal Method For A Light Scratch

  1. Choose a non-abrasive cleaner of your choice.
  2. Apply some cleaner to a soft and damp cloth.
  3. Following the direction of the scratch, rub the cloth back and forth over the scratch, therefore spreading the cleaner. (Don’t rub horizontally if the scratch is vertical and vise versa)
  4. Use a different damp cloth (make sure it’s clean) to wipe away the cleanser.
  5. Check to see if the scratch is gone and if it is proceed to the next step, otherwise you should repeat the previous steps again until the scratch is gone.
  6. Once the scratch has disappeared, finish by applying a light coat of either stainless steel polish or olive oil.


Removal Method For A Deep Scratch

  1. Dampen a sandpaper and the affected area.
  2. Sand the scratch for a few minutes, following the direction of the grain.
  3. If the scratch doesn’t disappear after a few minutes then repeat the process with a different kind of sandpaper, one with a coarser grit.
  4. Once the scratch is gone you can switch to a sandpaper with a finer grit and buff the area. The goal is to blend the affected area with the rest of the finish.
  5. Using a clean, wet cloth wipe down the area while making sure to go in the direction of the grain.
  6. Dry the area off with a soft towel.
  7. Finish by applying a light coat of either stainless steel polish or olive oil.


How Do You Fix Scratches On Black Washers And Dryers?

The majority of people that don’t have stainless steel appliances will probably have black appliances, so here is a guide for how to remove scratches from those…

  1. Using a soft sponge and a mild cleaner you should begin by treating the surface of the appliance.
  2. Then using another soft cloth, dry the appliance until you see a nice shine.
  3. Place the wax on the affected area and apply it using circular strokes.
  4. Wait a few minutes for the wax to harden.
  5. Using a clean and soft cloth, start to remove the wax with the same circular motions you used to apply it.
  6. When the wax is removed the scratches should be as well, but if they remain then you can repeat the process.


Can You Paint Washers And Dryers?

If there are other unsightly marks on the tops of your washer and dryer then it may seem like the simplest solution is to paint over them. And thankfully, you can easily paint your washer and dryer, whether that be professionally or at home.

If you do decide to do it yourself then sand the appliance you want to paint, tape off areas you don’t want to paint, spray it with your desired color of appliance paint, wait 24 hours before using the appliances again, and then you’re good to go!


Are There Ways To Cover Scratches On Top Of A Washer And Dryer?

Instead of taking the time to paint over or remove the scratches, some people would prefer to just cover them up quickly and that’s perfectly understandable especially in the short term.

You could strategically place some storage bins and other things over the top of the scratches, you could use a plastic liner to line the tops of the appliance (which could protect them from further scratches), or you could even think about building a shelf over the top of your washer and dryer.


In Conclusion!

If you were one of those people googling how to protect top of washer and dryer from scratches then hopefully you’ve found your answer here! There are simple ways to avoid these scratches, but if they still end up on the tops of your washer and dryer then there are simple ways to either have them removed or cover them up.

And in the process of covering up the scratches you could even end up making your laundry room look better than it did before, and we all love a bit of home improvement!



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