Laundry rooms are among some of the most notoriously small and crowded spaces in our homes. And that’s if you even have a dedicated laundry room, a lot of people have to make do with laundry “spaces” that are parts of other rooms in their home, such as a kitchen.


So since this space is so crowded, many people understandably want to make the best of what they have. One potential place to put things is on top of the washer itself. But… is it ok to put stuff on top of a washing machine?

Well, no matter the answer, this is the topic that we’ll be talking about today! So let’s find some answers and jump right in.


Is It Okay To Put Stuff On Top Of A Washing Machine?

Yes, it is okay to put things on top of your washer! And this answer applies whether your intention is to store things there or if you’re talking about simply putting items there temporarily, in the same way you’d use a table. But there are some things you need to keep in mind when doing either of those things, and we’ll get into them now.


What Things Are Safe To Put On Top Of A Washing Machine?

The answer to this question depends a lot on if your washing machine is turned on at the time in question.

If your washing machine is off at the moment, and you’re planning on moving whatever objects you’ve just placed on top of it before you start a load of laundry, then you have nothing to worry about. You can pretty much temporarily leave anything on top of your washing machine at that point.

However, if your washing machine is on then safe items to leave on top would be objects that are heavy enough not to be knocked off, objects that don’t slide easily, objects that aren’t easily broken, and objects that are braced in some way.

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What Things Are Not Safe To Put On Top Of A Washing Machine?

Whether your washing machine is on or off, some items should NEVER be put on your washing machine. Here is a quick list of examples…

  • Items that are bulky and loose, because they could cause damage to the machine if they bounce around too much.
  • Items that are too heavy and could potentially break the top of your washing machine.
  • Items that are too light and will easily fall off, unless they are braced or stored safely in some way.
  • Highly fragile items that would break if they fell off, especially if it could cause damage to the machine or someone nearby in the process. Example: Glass items, etc
  • If your dryer is nearby, which it probably is, then avoid putting potentially flammable objects on your washer unless you can be sure it wouldn’t fall behind the machines and potentially start a house fire.


What Are Some Storage Ideas For The Top Of My Washing Machine?

One popular storage idea for keeping things on top of your washing machine is to use this space for laundry related products such as laundry baskets, laundry detergent, fabric softeners, ironing supplies, etc.

There are several ways to do this, one of which is to add some sort of bracing system for these products in order to keep them from toppling over when the machine is turned on.

Another popular method is to add a liner to the top of your washing machine, you can choose one that matches your decor, and it has the added benefit of giving the top of your machine some grip which will keep your items from sliding off.

And if you could invest in some organizational bins, then you could arrange the products inside of them and it would keep them in one place even if things get bumpy! Try to choose some cute colors and styles to spruce up the area at the same time.

Extra Tip: Everyone has those pesky missing socks right? Well you could give them an official home by having a bin of some sort on top of your washing machine where socks without matches could stay temporarily. Make a cute label, put it on the container, and you’ve got a cute addition to your laundry space!


What Are Some Other Ways To Optimize The Top Of My Washing Machine?

Some people prefer to have their laundry folded before they ever leave their laundry area, and in this case there is a way to make your washing machine a cute place to fold clean laundry!

You can achieve this space by building a counter on top of your washer, and typically this counter would extend over your dryer as well. Of course, this will only work if you have a front-loading washing machine. (If you have a top loading washing machine then optimizing your dryer space might be a better option.)

But if you build one then a counter will not only give your laundry space a nice new look, but you’ll have a place to fold your laundry, as well as a stable space to store virtually any item you want!


In Conclusion!

You’ve now found the answer to the question “Is it ok to put stuff on top of a washing machine”, and it is yes! But as with everything, it isn’t completely black and white, and you’ll need to keep the things we discussed in mind.

As long as you do remember the tips we shared with you, then you’re free to place anything that fits the guidelines on top of your washing machine. And hopefully this knowledge will make your life a bit easier and your laundry routine a bit more convenient.


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