Compared with other rooms in the house, bathrooms are typically smaller spaces. So you want to make the most out of the limited space by adding a bathroom vanity that does not take up too much space, leaving your bathroom looking cramped and congested. However, while some people argue that bathroom vanities should be centered, others feel that it should be placed against the wall to save on space.

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Should a Bathroom Vanity be Centered?

Well, if yours is a large bathroom and you do not see any need to save on space, then you can place the bathroom vanity in a central location in the room. Vanities that are centered in the bathroom are usually referred to as “bathroom islands,” and they add a modern, sophisticated look. Besides having a large bathroom, you should also add a centered bathroom vanity only if the plumbing and drainage come through the floor.


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What is The Best Location to Place a Bathroom Vanity?

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Today, most bathrooms are designed with plumbing systems that come through the wall. For such bathrooms, the best choice to go for would be wall mounted bathroom vanities. Such vanities keep the plumbing stable and in place, even when the vanity shifts. And even for bathrooms whose plumbing comes via the floor, the vanity flush will most probably be placed against the bathroom wall, requiring a wall mounted vanity.

Still, for large and very spacious bathrooms, you can always opt to add a bathroom vanity that is centered. Some people also choose to install bathroom vanities that lie against glass shower walls. Even so, these are rare design choices that happen in rare circumstances. Otherwise, it is always a good idea to attach your bathroom vanity to the wall.


Why You Should Consider A Wall Mounted Bathroom Vanity?


The most recommended way to install a bathroom vanity is to attach it to the wall. Vanities should also be flush against the bathroom wall, leaving no space between the wall and the back of the vanity. Attaching the bathroom vanity to the wall helps to hide and protect the plumbing, considering that most bathroom plumbing systems come through the wall.

On the other hand, when you fail to attach your bathroom vanity to the wall, it could shift with time, such as when you accidentally bump into it. And while mere shifting of the vanity could seem harmless, it could actually put a lot of strain on the plumbing system. The strain is due to the fact that the sink is usually attached to the bathroom vanity and plumbing. More so, shifting of the vanity could cause any fixed supply lines and drainpipes to bend, in turn leading to leaks at the joints.


Consider these 5 additional reasons why you should always consider installing a wall-mounted bathroom vanity:


What to know before purchasing a wall mounted vanity


1. It Makes Cleaning Easier

The absence of legs in all wall mounted bathroom vanities make it much easier to clean the space. After all, since the vanity is usually raised above the ground, it is possible to reach underneath it and clean it effectively using a broom or mop. And it goes without saying that, the easier it is to clean the bathroom, the faster you can get the work done and move on to other rooms or areas of the house.


2. It Makes Any Bathroom Look Bigger

No matter how small your bathroom may appear, a wall mounted bathroom vanity will make it look bigger. Since this type of bathroom vanity is designed to be mounted on the wall, it does not include any legs. Hence, it leaves a lot of space underneath it; an open space which creates the illusion of a bigger bathroom. Besides, you can use the open space underneath the bathroom vanity as additional storage space for your bathroom products.


3. It Adds Elegance and Sophistication

If you are looking to modernize your bathroom and create a sense of elegance, all you need to do is add a wall mounted bathroom vanity. These vanities have a sleek and minimalist design that adds elegance into any room that they are added to, regardless of its size or theme. And when combined with other wall mounted accessories, they create a unique focal point that makes your bathroom stand out.

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4. Wall Mounted Vanities are Versatile

Compared with bathroom vanities that are fixed or mounted on the floor, wall mounted vanities offer more flexibility and versatility. For example, you can mount the vanity at the optimal height that you prefer, creating a shorter bathroom vanity or a taller one.



Besides, wall mounted vanities come in a wide range of sizes and shapes. There are rounded vanities and rectangular ones, all in both smaller and larger sizes. There are also thin and sleek vanities, as well as those with doors or drawers and those with none. Therefore, when you opt to install a wall mounted bathroom vanity, you can rest assured of finding the ideal one that not only best meets your preferences but also compliments your bathroom design perfectly.


5. It Improves the Organization of the Bathroom

A bathroom that is well-organized not only makes the room look neat and tidy, but it also contributes to a more relaxing and comfortable experience in the bathroom. And if it’s a type of bathroom vanity that allows you to create the most organized bathroom, it is the wall mounted vanity.

Wall mounted vanities usually feature the option of drawer dividers, cabinets and other similar organizational methods. These storage options provide enough space for you to keep your bathroom essentials, in turn helping you keep the room neat and uncluttered. Besides, the space under the bathroom vanity can be used as additional storage space.


The pros and cons of floating vanities

How to Attach Your Wall Mounted Bathroom Vanity

The process of installing a bathroom vanity will be determined by the type you choose. When installing a floating or wall mounted vanity, the first thing you should do is install the bracing where you will hang it. Make sure to locate the studs first using a stud finder before beginning the installation process. Also, place fasteners to keep these firmly attached to the wall. If you notice that the studs do not align perfectly with your bathroom vanity, use mollies to secure the bathroom vanity and ensure that it does not pull out of the wall.

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How Far Should the Bathroom Vanity Be From the Center of the Toilet?

The basic rule is, every toilet should be placed in such a way that it leaves some room between it and the bathroom vanity or any other fixture. The recommendation is to leave at least 15 inches of space between the toilet and the vanity.


Will Mounting a Bathroom Vanity Improve My Bathroom Design?

Yes, mounting the bathroom vanity will undoubtedly improve the look and design of your bathroom. Since wall mounted vanities leave an open space beneath them, they expose the tile design on the bathroom flooring, such that it is presented even more effectively. Besides, these vanities come in different styles and designs which would complement your bathroom design perfectly.


Are Floating Bathroom Vanities Pricier?

The price of floating bathroom vanities range from low to high. How much a bathroom vanity goes for is usually determined by two aspects: the size of the vanity and the material used to make it. Floating bathroom vanities that have a bigger size are more expensive than smaller ones. Similarly, some materials make the vanities more expensive compared with other less durable materials.



Indeed, a bathroom vanity is an essential part of every bathroom, if you are looking to model or re-design your bathroomand you are wondering should a bathroom vanity be centered? if yours is a big, spacious bathroom whose plumping comes through the floor, you can opt to add a bathroom vanity that is centered and add a feel of sophistication in the space.

A wall mounted bathroom vanity is also a great choice. These types of vanities make just the ideal centerpiece of your bathroom, allowing you to create a more organized and elegant atmosphere in the room.

Whichever location you choose to place your bathroom vanity, make sure to pair it with other bathroom accessories to create an even more aesthetically-pleasing bathroom space!


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