The Best Kitchen Trash Cans of 2022

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Let’s face it, taking out the trash is never a fun task. And you don’t want to make this task more of a slog by using boring kitchen trash cans. Rather, you want to use the best kitchen trash cans; the kind that will make you stop dreading days when you take out the trash.

Fortunately, long gone are those days when kitchen trash cans were just big, ugly cans. Nowadays, companies are making an effort to create attractive trash cans that add more appeal to the interior design of the kitchen.

However, with so many types, designs, and colors of kitchen trash cans, how can you tell which can to buy for your kitchen? In this article, we have done all the crucial research for you and compiled the 9 best kitchen trash cans worth buying. Read on, also, to find out what factors you should consider before buying your kitchen trash can.


Factors to Consider When Buying a Kitchen Trash Can

To ensure that you make the best choice on which kitchen trash can to buy, consider the following four factors:


1. Capacity

When considering the capacity of your ideal kitchen trash can, you need to look into two aspects;

  • How much the trash can hold – It could be in liters or gallons.
  • How much space the trash can takes – This involves the overall dimensions of the trash can.

You want your kitchen trash can to be able to accommodate all kitchen trash well, while not taking up too much floor space. Also, regardless of whether you leave your trash can out in the open or not, you need to remember that its dimensions affect the overall look of your kitchen.

For example, kitchen trash cans that are big and bulky add unnecessary clutter, while detracting from the remaining kitchen space. On the other hand, trash cans that are too small can appear to be out of proportion if placed near larger-sized items, such as a two-door fridge. Similarly, tall kitchen trash cans won’t fit well under the sink if you prefer to tuck them away.


2. Material

Kitchen trash cans are designed using different materials. Plastic trash cans are the most popular since they are affordable and easy to clean. Also, unlike most other materials which only offer the standard 13-gallon cans, plastic kitchen trash cans usually come in odder sizes.

However, if you are the sort that prefers elegance and aesthetic appeal, plastic trash cans would not be an ideal choice since they are not usually pretty. Instead, you would do well to choose a can made of durable stainless steel.

Stainless steel trash cans provide a more stylish look than other types of cans. In addition to offering an aesthetic advantage, the trash cans also prevent odors from lingering and are easy to wipe down. Besides, they feature more high-tech qualities, such as motion-sensor and activation. And even though they are more prone to developing visible smudges and fingerprints, most stainless steel designs have a special finish that makes these rarely visible.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a kitchen trash can with a pop of color, opt for a metal can with a plastic coating. These plastic-coated metal cans are very easy to clean, only requiring soap and water. Also, they are rust-resistant and remain durable for a long time.


3. Compartments

The most common kitchen trash cans are built with a single compartment. However, if you are short on kitchen floor space, you would benefit from using a can with multiple compartments. For example, you can use one compartment for keeping all trash and another compartment for recycling or scraps. By doing so, you will be able to manage all the waste in one place.


4. Closures

Sometimes both of your hands are carrying waste to dispose of in the trash can, but when you reach there, you realize there is no way to open the can. Most of us can admit to finding ourselves in such a situation. Therefore, before you can purchase your ideal kitchen trash can, you need to consider the kind of closure it has.

For example, a lift-top trash can requires one free hand to be opened. On the other hand, a step pedal is usually opened by pressing with your foot. As for a swing-top trash can, you need to be good with the timing. On the other hand, a motion-sensor kitchen trash can is always ready to open.

Also, you need to consider how the kitchen trash can opens. Is it an automatic lid that closes softly, or does the trash can have an open-top? While the butterfly lid opens up just a few inches, most trash cans pop up more inches, even up to a foot.


How to Care for Your Kitchen Trash Can

Cleaning a kitchen trash can is not one of the most fun chores to undertake. However, if you want to keep your kitchen clean, you must clean your kitchen trash can regularly. Otherwise, failing to clean the garbage bin could lead to your kitchen developing a foul smell, or even harmful disease-causing bacteria.


The 9 Best Kitchen Trash Cans

Are you looking to find the best kitchen trash can for your kitchen? Here are the 9 most recommended kitchen trash cans worth investing in:


Best Budget Kitchen Trash Can – Umbra Grand Swing Top Trash Can

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The Umbra Grand trash can has a capacity of 37 liters. It is made using recycled molded plastic material, which makes it easy to clean and manage. The trash can has a modern contemporary design that features smooth curves and a sleek design. Therefore, it adds elegance and a feel of sophistication to any kitchen space it is added.

As its name suggests, the Umbra Grand trash can features a swing top. The top opens easily, allowing you to throw the trash inside, after which it swings back gently into place. Also, the swing top closes perfectly, concealing all the trash and hiding it out of sight.


Best Step-Pedal Kitchen Trash Can – Brabantia Newlcon Pedal Bin Trash Can

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The Brabantia Newlcon trash can is made of brilliant alloy steel material. It features a foot-operated pedal which makes it easy to open and close the trash can hands free. Also, the trash can is designed with a soft closure lid that closes gently when the foot pedal is released.

What’s even better, the closure lid is odor-proof; hence, it prevents any filthy trash odors from spreading to the kitchen and creating a polluted environment. The step-pedal trash can is built using highly durable materials that are resistant to rust and corrosion.


Best Large Kitchen Trash Can – Glad Stainless Steel Step Trash Can

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If you are looking for a classy trash can to add to your spacious kitchen, then this is just the ideal can you need. With a 13-gallon size, the Glad step trash can has a rectangular shape which provides enough space for keeping trash. And to keep the trash bag in place, the trash can is designed with bag rings that prevent it from collapsing or falling in.

Also, the Glad stainless steel can has Clorox protection which keeps odors trapped within the can. Therefore, with this trash can, you won’t have to worry about your kitchen ever being smelly.


Best Trash Can for Small Kitchens – Simplehuman In-Cabinet Trash Can

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The Simplehuman In-Cabinet trash can is built using heavy-duty alloy steel. It comes with a plastic bucket that can be removed and lifted out easily for cleaning. The bucket also protects the cabinets from any messy spills, keeping them clean all through.

The in-cabinet trash can is designed with a double-seam construction that increases the durability of the bin and prevents tears and rips. It can be hooked onto the kitchen door, or even screwed in for a cleaner permanent mount.


Best Pull-Out Kitchen Trash Can – Simplehuman Under-Counter Pull-Out Trash Can

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This under-counter pull-out trash can is made of plastic material. It is integrated with a steel handle, such that users can easily pull out the trash can from under the counter or cabinet. The trash bags also feature custom fit liners that provide a customized fit into the trash cans.

The Simplehuman Pull-Out trash can is highly durable and highly resistant to rust and moisture. In fact, as a guarantee of its high quality, the kitchen trash can comes with a 5-year warranty.


Best Touchless Kitchen Trash Can with Sensor – iTouchless Automatic Trash Can

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The iTouchless Automatic trash can is fitted with one natural carbon odor filter. This filter works to neutralize all odors, keeping your kitchen clean and fresh. It is built with stainless steel material, with its surface being fingerprint-proof and very easy to clean.

The 13-gallon trash can has two power options; it can be powered by an AC adapter or by batteries. And the good thing about this particular kitchen trash can is that it can be fitted easily into corners and tight spaces, hence saving on a lot of kitchen space.


Best Pet-Proof Kitchen Trash Can – iTouchless Wings-Open Sensor Trash Can

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This trash can is 100% touchless; it senses the motion of your hands and automatically opens the lid. Its wings-open style has low clearance which ensures that the trash can fit well under kitchen countertops. Also, the two lids open very easily and quickly, making this particular trash can the most convenient and hygienic choice.

The iTouchless Wings-Open trash can is also built with a petGuard lock feature. This feature keeps dogs, cats, and other pets from getting into the trash can. So with this kitchen trash can, you won’t have to worry about finding your pets stuck in the trash can or having made a trash mess in your kitchen.


Best Splurge-Worthy Kitchen Trash Can – Simplehuman Rectangular Automatic Kitchen Trash Can

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With this type of kitchen trash can, all you need to do is wave your hand and it will open automatically. The Simplehuman Rectangular Automatic trash can incorporates an infrared field that senses the parts in front and above the can, such that it opens effortlessly.

The kitchen trash can is made of stainless steel material. It features a fingerprint-proof finish that not only keeps the steel shiny but also prevents smudges and keeps stains invisible. The trash can uses alkaline batteries which can last up to 1 year.


Best Dual-Compact Kitchen Trash Can – The Step N’ Sort 2-Compartment Trash Bin

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The Step N’ Sort trash bin is designed with a step pedal that allows you to open the bin hands-free. A single bin can hold trash bags of 10-13 gallons. The inner bins are made using recycled plastic material and can be removed easily for cleaning.

The kitchen trash bin features two compartments; these separate compartments make it possible to separate waste and sort trash easily. Also, the Step N’ Sort trash bin has a carry handle which makes it convenient to carry and empty the bin. What’s even better, the handle features a sticker pad where users can label each can.


Consider the following five tips that can help you clean your kitchen trash can and maintain it for as long as possible:
  • Before putting any waste in the trash can, line it with a plastic bag. However, only add the plastic bag when the bin is completely dry. Otherwise lining it while wet could lead to the multiplication of germs and foul odors.
  • When cleaning the trash can, start with the exterior. Use warm soapy water and a wet, fiber cloth to clean the exterior surface.
  • When cleaning the interior of the bin, add a mild disinfectant to the soapy water to kill germs and bacteria.
  • Add well-fitting liners to your kitchen trash bin. Leaving any spaces between the bin and the plastic bag would leave for possible trash spills and mess.
  • For liquid foods, discard these in the garden, or sink instead of the trash can. Alternatively, wrap these in a separate, tight plastic bag before throwing them into the trash can.



One of the best ways you can keep your kitchen clean is by having a clean kitchen trash can. And this is why you should go for a trash can that helps you keep trash within the bin and prevents any odors.

But why should you just settle for a kitchen trash bin that only keeps trash contained inside, while you could have one that does that and goes further to add an aesthetic appeal to your kitchen? Get yourself one of the above-discussed nine best kitchen trash cans which provide the perfect elegance and functionality that your kitchen needs!


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