Have you ever asked yourself, “What happens if you don’t use a pillowcase?” Or in other words, are pillowcases really necessary? I mean, the hassle of changing pillowcases and washing them every now can be so tiring, so why can’t we just take a break from using them and save ourselves all that trouble. After all, you can still get the same amount of comfort from your pillow even without the pillowcases.


However, before you can dismiss off the need for using a pillowcase, take some time to consider the benefits that these simple fabrics offer. Pillowcases offer more than just comfort and luxury; they also provide numerous health and hygiene benefits. This article discusses key benefits that pillowcases have to offer, as well as what happens when you don’t use one. Read on!


What Happens If You Don’t Use a Pillowcase?

Pillowcases come in a wide range of colors, materials, pattern and fabric. Their versatility makes them perfect additions for any room, enhancing its aesthetic appeal. Even so, pillowcases do more than just add elegance to rooms; they also protect the pillows and its users.

When you don’t use a pillowcase, sweat, drool, body oils and dead skin cells accumulate in your pillow. And when this debris gets stuck in the pillow, it leads to bad odors and permanent discoloration of your pillows. And the more you use the pillow without a pillowcase, the more damage is done, such that the pillow does not last long or live up to its lifetime. In addition, using the pillow without a pillow protector increases the chances of bacteria, microbes and dust mites breeding inside. These allergens pose different health issues to the body and may lead to serious medical complications.

Therefore, if you want your pillow to last long and offer you quality service, you need to use a pillowcase. Even more importantly, you should keep your pillowcase clean at all times to prevent your pillow from becoming the breeding ground for disease-causing microorganisms. Furthermore, pillowcases improve the quality of your sleep by preventing any excessive sweating or bad odors that could disrupt your sleep and lead to insomnia.

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Why Do You Need a Pillow Case?

Pillow covers and protectors offer so many benefits to homeowners. Consider five reasons why you should always use pillowcases on your pillows:


1. Pillowcases Keep Pillows Clean

The main purpose of pillowcases is to cover the pillows, keeping these clean for a long period of time. Pillows are prone to accumulating dirt, dust, saliva, oils, sweat and dead skin cells, especially when we sleep. However, pillowcases prevent these stain-causing substances from building up inside the pillow. In turn, this reduces the number of times needed to wash the pillows.


2. Pillowcases Keep Pillows Fluffy

When dirt, saliva, sweat and dead skin cells seep through into the pillow, they weigh it down, lessening the pillow’s fluff. And it goes without saying that, the less fluffy a pillow is, the low performance and comfort it offers. Therefore, by preventing these substances from sticking in the pillow, pillowcases prevent pillows from losing their fluffiness.


3. Pillowcases Prevent Dust Mites and Bedbugs

Dirty pillows provide ideal breeding ground for mites and bed bugs. And when these develop, they are usually hard to get rid of considering that pillows are rarely washed. However, pillow cases and covers protect the pillow from accumulating dirt, in turn preventing bed bugs and dust mites. Besides, pillow covers are washed on a regular basis, making it easier to manage these bugs.

Pillow covers protect pillows against bed bugs. Pillow covers and cases are used to prevent bed bugs. If you want to be protected and secured from bed bugs, you must change your pillow covers frequently.


4. Pillowcases Prevent Acne and Skin Issues

If it’s one thing that dirty pillows are known to cause its acne. These pillows irritate the skin, causing you to develop acne, uneven complexion and a dull skin. In turn, this might cause you to become insecure about your face, significantly impacting your self-esteem.

However, since pillow protectors are washed regularly, they provide a clean area to lay your face; an area that does not irritate the skin. Besides, when traveling, you can put pillow covers on the hotel pillows, ensuring that your face remains acne-free and has an even complexion at all times.



So what happens if you don’t use a pillowcase? The simple answer is; you will waste a lot of money buying another new pillow. Even worse, you will risk developing serious health issues due to the growth of bacteria, dust mites and allergens that come about when you don’t use a pillowcase.

Therefore, unless you want to reduce the lifetime of your pillow, and even your own lifetime, it is high time you got yourself a pillowcase for your pillow! And more importantly, don’t be lazy, wash your pillowcases often; your health and wallet will undoubtedly thank you!

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