One thing we can all agree on is that the bathroom vanity is the most crucial element of any bathroom. Therefore, whether you are buying a new vanity for your bathroom or are remodeling your old bathroom, you need to choose a vanity carefully. And one type of bathroom vanity that you can never go wrong with, regardless of what size or design your bathroom has, is the wall hung vanity.


But what really makes wall hung vanities the best choice to go for when choosing a bathroom vanity? Keep reading to find out what is the advantage of a wall hung vanity that makes it stand out from all the other types of vanities sold in the market today.


What is the Advantage of a Wall Hung Vanity?

The main advantage of wall hung bathroom vanities is that they make small bathrooms appear bigger and more spacious. This is because they leave some space beneath them; space that creates an illusion of a more open bathroom. Besides, the space underneath can be used for extra storage in the bathroom. Wall hung vanities also make cleaning much easier and add a modern feel into any bathroom space that they are added to.

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What is a Wall Hung Vanity?

A wall hung vanity is also commonly known as a wall-mounted or floating vanity. It is attached directly to the wall, such that it hangs firmly on the wall without sitting on the floor. It leaves some ample space underneath it; space that can be used as an additional storage space in the bathroom. Yet, space is just but one advantage that this type of vanity has to offer. Wall hung vanities offer numerous advantages that make it a popular choice among bathroom owners. And just like other types of vanities, it also has its share of demerits.

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Let’s look into the pros and cons associated with floating/wall hung bathroom vanities:

A. Pros of Wall Hung Vanities


Consider these 6 main benefits associated with installing a wall hung vanity or floating bathroom vanity:


1. They Make a Bathroom Appear Bigger

Wall hung bathroom vanities are usually raised from the floor. The ample space left between the unit and the bathroom floor reflects light, such that you can see it bouncing off the floor. This light transmission and sense of openness creates an illusion of space, making the bathroom look bigger, spacious and more open. Also, the space created makes the bathroom space feel more airy, encouraging better airflow in the room and promoting a fresher feel.

To expand the space and create an illusion of a bigger bathroom, the vanity does not have to be mounted too high from the floor. On the contrary, leaving just a few inches of space from the floor to the cabinet goes a long way to make the vanity feel more streamlined and less cramped. Besides, you can even make the vanity appear like a natural extension of the bathroom wall by simply using a monochromatic color for the floor, cabinet or wall. Doing so would make the bathroom space feel even more open and wider.


2. They Make Cleaning Easier

Unlike other types of bathroom vanities, floating or wall hung vanities do not have any legs attached underneath them. Usually, such legs tend to interfere with the hoover or mop during cleaning, making the process of cleaning the bathroom more complicated. However, since wall hung vanities lack legs, they make cleaning the space beneath them much simpler and easier.

Therefore, if you are an over enthusiastic showerer or your bathroom tends to become wet easily, a wall hung vanity would come in handy. After all, whenever your bathroom floor gets wet or flooded, you can easily mop it up without any furniture legs getting in the way. Also, the lack of legs make it possible to access the hard-to-reach areas of the floor using mops, brushes and brooms. This makes it possible to clean the bathroom thoroughly, removing all dust, dirt, allergens and grime from all the nooks and crevices.


3. They Accommodate Any Height

Pedestal sink and floor mounted vanities tend to have a basin with a fixed height; a height that is fixed by the height of the pedestal or cabinet itself. Therefore, if you are short or tall, you might find yourself straining too much to use the vanity. For example, if you are tall, you would need to bend down, while if you are short, you would have to tip toes or step on a higher thing to reach the basin.

On the other hand, a wall hung can be customized to fit your height and those of other bathroom users. After all, it is usually attached to the wall, which allows you to choose its height or distance from the floor. These types of bathroom vanities can be customized to not only accommodate both tall and short users, but also address any accessibility concerns associated with disabilities and other physical conditions. And as for kids, you can always store step stools under the wall hang vanity; stools which come in handy whenever the kids need to use the vanity.

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4. They Save on A Lot of Space

Most wall hung vanities have a minimalist design, which makes them an ideal choice for small bathrooms with limited space. They can be easily fitted into narrow bathroom wall spaces, without making these small spaces feel even more cramped or overwhelmed. So if your bathroom space is at premium and you would still wish to add a modern feel to it, the best option would be to add a wall hung/floating vanity.


5. They Provide Additional Storage Areas

Due to their minimalist design, wall hung vanities offer fewer cubic feet of storage space. However, while these types of vanities may not offer plenty of storage space inside the vanity, they offer a wide range of options for storage ideas. For example, you can take advantage of the space underneath the vanity to store some items, such as stylish bins, step stools and storage bins, just to mention a few of the bathroom essentials.

More so, floating vanities may also include shelves, drawers and cabinets that offer extra storage space in the bathroom. These creative storage spaces allow bathroom users to keep bathroom essentials well organized and hidden from plain sight, making the bathroom space appear neat and cluster-free. In addition, they provide an easily accessible place where users can pick any items easily and without straining.


6. They are Adaptable and Customizable

While wall hung vanities are recommended for small bathrooms, they also perfectly complement larger spaces. These vanities can be easily customized to fit all bathroom designs and styles. This is because the floating vanities usually feature individual compartments which can be easily interchanged and arranged in different styles, as per the homeowner’s taste and preferences.

Furthermore, floating bathroom vanities are available in different colors, sizes and shapes. This versatility guarantees all homeowners of finding the perfect wall hung vanity that not only fits their individual preferences and complements their home’s bathroom designs.

How to Install a Wall Hung Vanity.

B. Cons of Wall Hung Vanities

While wall hung vanities have numerous benefits to offer, they also have several associated cons. Here are the three main disadvantages of floating vanities:


  • The installation process is quite tedious – Unlike floor-based vanities that are easily supported on the floor, floating vanities hang directly on the wall. This makes the installation process more tedious and expensive, since more work is needed to brave the vanity behind the wall.
  • They provide less storage than floor-based vanities – Since floor-based bathroom vanities are designed with taller cabinet boxes, they offer more cubic footage of storage than floating vanities. Therefore, wall hung vanities may not be ideal for homeowners looking to achieve vast storage space in the bathrooms.
  • They do not compliment traditional bathroom styles – Wall hung bathroom vanities have a modern design which perfectly complements modern bathrooms. Therefore, of your bathroom has a more vintage or traditional style, installing a floating vanity would not be the best option as the unit would look out of place.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Wall Hung Vanities Strong?

Wall hung vanities have less support than floor-based cabinet options. Even so, when properly mounted on the wall, the vanities offer sturdy support and can hold bathroom essentials. Still, you wouldn’t want your kids climbing on these as the vanities are not strong enough to hold the weight.


Are Wall Hung Vanities More Expensive?

Yes, wall hung vanities tend to be more expensive than most other types of bathroom vanities. Their high costs can be attributed to the fact that they have high installation costs and are made using sturdy, more expensive materials.



Now that you know what is the advantage of a wall hung vanity, you can agree that it is one of the best vanity choices you can go for. Floating vanities add a modern appeal to any bathroom, provide extra storage space, make cleaning much easier and accommodate any height to make your bathroom experience even better. So if you are looking to remodel your bathroom but are torn in choice about what type of vanity to go for, you would do well to consider installing a wall hung vanity!


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