Bathroom vanity units come in so many colors. Considering the wide variety of colors available for these bathroom additions, you might find it quite challenging to decide which unit color to go for? If you are in the dilemma about what bathroom vanity color to go for, you may wonder, what is the most popular color for a bathroom vanity?


Well, bathroom vanities with popular color tones are available in all sizes and shapes. Therefore, choosing a popular color for your bathroom vanity would mean more options for you and easier accessibility to these units. So if you are yet to buy a vanity unit for your bathroom, read on this article to find out what is the most popular color for bathroom vanity and why you should only settle for these color options!


What is the Most Popular Color for Bathroom Vanity?

White is the most popular color for bathroom vanities. The high preference for the color white can be attributed to the fact that it never goes out of style; rather, white bathroom vanities remain elegant, appealing to the eyes and in fashion despite the rapidly changing trends and styles. Besides, there are different kinds of white, apart from the regular “paper” white. This variety of white color tones gives homeowners different options to choose from and match the bathroom designs.


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Advantages of White Bathroom Vanities


There are many advantages of choosing white bathroom vanities over other colors. Here are the five major benefits associated with white bathroom vanities:


1. Easy Flexibility

Are you the sort that loves changing up the look of your bathroom or trying new styles? If so, then what you need is a white bathroom vanity. These color vanities are very flexible and make the best choice for homeowners who prefer switching their bathroom designs on a regular basis. For example, to change your bathroom’s outlook, you can add some new accessories or new paint, without necessarily having to change your bathroom vanity. After all, white vanity units go with everything and can complement any accessories.

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2. Gives an Elegant Look

White bathroom vanities provide a classy, modern outlook that other colors cannot provide. Also, since it never goes out of style, the white color provides a versatility that allows users to use them in different, creative styles. Therefore, regardless of the dominant color or theme in your bathroom, you can trust that a white bathroom vanity will match perfectly in the bathroom space, creating a stunning centerpiece for the interior.

What’s even better, with this color of vanity, you won’t have to worry about the vanity unit going out of style. After all, white is a timeless design color that never goes out of style; it is here to stay.


3. Easy to Clean and Maintain

Compared with other color bathroom vanities, dirt and dust is more visible on white bathroom vanities. Therefore, these units are much easier to clean since you can see spots, stains and dirt particles easily. And it goes without saying that cleaning the bathroom vanity thoroughly will keep it good-looking and in good condition for many years to come.

However, note that, if not cleaned well, the white color is very prone to developing stubborn, or even permanent stains. Hence, if you have a white bathroom vanity, it is crucial that you clean it thoroughly and efficiently. Here are some tips that can help you clean your vanity units well to ensure that they remain appealing for long:

  • Clean any spills immediately. Otherwise, leaving the spills for too long could lead to development of stubborn stains that are too difficult to remove.
  • Avoid using abrasive scrubbing pads on the vanity unit as it could damage the beautiful finishing.
  • Polish the vanity regularly to keep it new and shiny for long. You can use either furniture polish or beeswax to polish.
  • Avoid using strong cleaners to clean the unit as it could damage the material; only use mild cleaners.

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4. Brightens Up the Space

White color is known to reflect light; an aspect that makes the bathroom appear more open and feel airier. Also, it creates a fresh, clean and neat look in the bathroom, making the space appear more inviting. This is why white bathroom vanities are a popular choice for homeowners looking to brighten up their bathroom space. And even if your bathroom does not have enough lighting, you can pair the white vanity unit with white paint or white tiles to brighten up the space and create the illusion of more natural lighting.


5. Offer Great Versatility

Due to their popularity, white bathroom vanities are designed in a wide range of styles, sizes and shapes. They come in many modernized variations, including unique features such as slim lines and sleek hardware. These different designs make the vanity units more versatile, ensuring that homeowners find just the right vanity unit design that matches their home decor.


The 5 Most Popular Bathroom Vanity Colors

As mentioned at the onset of this article, white is the most popular color for bathroom vanities. However, there are other popular colors guaranteed to make your bathroom stand out and appear even more elegant. Some popular color choices you can go for include Grey, pink, orange, blue, green, red, black and neutral colors.

If you are looking to achieve a calmer and modern feel in your bathroom, go for soft neutral shades of blue, green, pink or Grey. On the other hand, choose jewel shades of orange and blue for a more fashionable feel, or shades of red and black for a dramatic feel in the bathroom.


Let’s look into detail some of these popular color alternative to white bathroom vanities:

1. Gray

The popular trend nowadays is to use Grey color as an accent in the bathroom space, rather than adding it to the whole room. Gray bathroom vanities offer a sleek and stylish feel, adding class and elegance into any bathroom space. In fact, most designers and home planners now consider gray as the new black, as it offers a neutral feel that does not feel overly dull.

Also, since most gray color undertones fall within all sides of the color spectrum, the vanity units work well with all decor schemes in the bathroom. For example, lighter gray tones promote a soothing and calm feel in the bathroom, especially when combined with sky blue themes. On the other hand, dark gray vanities create a timeless feel and make contrasting brighter appear modern instead of flashy.


2. Black

Black bathroom vanities appear bolder, luxurious and elegant. They work well with different color schemes and design approaches, from the stylish Art Deco to industrial chic. However, since the color black is dramatic and very striking, it is recommended that you lighten it up in other parts of the bathroom space. It especially stands out when paired with metal tones, quartz, cream and marble.


3. Blue

Blue has been a popular color for bathroom vanities for many years now. From ocean, light sky, rain-blue, navy and eggshell tones, the blue color provides a classic and calming feel in the bathroom. These color vanities pair well with a wide range of styles, such as shabby chic, beach, coastal and other similar minimal decor styles. As for vanity countertops, the blue color matches well with quartz, granite and marble countertops in white, ivory or gray.

Pale blue provides a good color choice for those who love neutrality in their bathroom space. This shade of blue adds a warm and inviting feel in the bathroom. As for navy blue, it works as an alternative to black vanity units, making your bathroom stand out from the rest.

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4. Green

Being the color of growth, green brings nature into the bathroom. And just like nature never goes out of style, green bathroom vanities are also timeless and are bound to remain in fashion for many more years to come. These color vanities are ideal for contemporary bathrooms as they add a relaxing, spa-like feel in the bathroom space.

Green vanity units are neutral and add warmth in the bathroom, without appearing too bright. For example, shades of green such as mint, deep Hunter green and subdued Sage are safe color option for homeowners who prefer a more muted bathroom theme with a hint of color. As for brighter shades of green, combining these with white and black nodes can add elegance into your bathroom space.


5. Neutrals

When it comes to color, the term “neutrals” refers to lighter tomes of blue, brown and gray, and warmer tones of white, such as cream. The good thing about neutrals is that they are timeless and do not become outdated easily; advantages that make them a good choice color for your bathroom vanity. And to make them even more appealing and less dull, you can consider combining your neutral vanity unit with subtle tones of cream, gray, taupe, ivory and beige.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Most Timeless Bathroom Vanity Color?

Natural, white colors are considered the most timeless for bathroom vanities. Unlike bold and trendy colors that go out of style easily, whites guarantee to keep your bathroom space elegant and fashionable for many years to come.


Should a Bathroom Vanity Be Darker Than the Walls?

No, it is not necessary that your bathroom vanity be darker than the walls. As long as you are not looking for a monochromatic style, it is advisable that you go for a vanity unit that is a few hues lighter or darker than the bathroom walls. Such a vanity would stand out, preventing the bathroom from looking dull and boring.


What Color Vanities Make a Bathroom Appear Bigger?

Light colors are known to give the illusion of a bigger and more open bathroom. For example, colors such as shades of whites, gray, pastel, yellow and blue visually expand the bathroom, making it look more spacious. On the other hand, dark colors, such as brown, green and deep red make the bathroom feel smaller and cramped.



Do you ever dream of turning your bathroom space into a spa-like bathroom? Well, you can turn your dream into a reality by simply adding an elegant bathroom vanity unit. However, do not just settle for any bathroom vanity unit you find in the market. Rather, consider what is the most popular color for bathroom vanity and choose one of these color options that perfectly matches the color scheme of your bathroom. When you add the right popular color vanity, you will undoubtedly achieve the best remodeling of your bathroom space, enhancing its spa-like experience!


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