Door stoppers play a key role in every home by helping to prevent wall damage. However, unless you know where is the best place to put a door stopper, these tools won’t be as effective as they’re supposed to be when it comes to protecting your walls from damage. In other words, for your door stopper to effectively prevent wall damage, you should install it in the right location.

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But how can you determine where is the best place to put a door stopper? In this article, we discuss different tips that can help you identify the most appropriate place to install your door stopper; the best location that will ensure your doorstop works properly. Read on!


Where is the Best Place to Put a Door Stopper?

One common mistake that people make is placing their door stoppers randomly behind the doors. However, while choosing the location to place the doors stoppers might seem like a trivial thing, it can significantly impact the functioning of your doors and aesthetic appeal of your walls. In fact, placing the door stopper in the wrong location could sometimes lead to more wall damage than if there was no stopper at all!

When installing a door stopper, home interior designers and experts recommend leaving at least a gap of 10-15 cm between the wall and the door. This location is ideal since it prevents the door handle from touching the wall when the door is opened forcefully; an action which could lead to scratching of the walls or even formation of dents and holes on the wall, especially when the force is too strong. Besides, it is recommended that you install the door stopper vertically under the handle to reduce any possible flexing to the door and minimize the force on the hinges when the door is closed or opened.

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Types of Doorstops

There are different types of door stoppers sold in the market today. These doorstops are usually categorized according to the type of installation done. Consider the three most popular types of door stopper you can find:


1. Floor Doorstops

These are the most common types of door stoppers sold in the market. Their wide popularity can be attributed to the fact that they are sturdy, reliable and highly effective when it comes to preventing doors from slamming into the adjacent walls.

As their name suggests, floor door stoppers are usually installed on the floor. They are immobile and provide a better alternative to wedges. Besides, floor door stoppers are available in a huge variety of styles, so that homeowners have a variety of options to choose from.


2. Skirting Doorstops

Also known as wall mounting door stopper, skirting door stoppers are usually installed horizontally onto the skirting board or wall. They prevent the door from slamming forcefully into the wall, especially when the door is opened too far. Skirting door stoppers are designed in a wide range of sizes, metal finishes and shapes.


3. Door Wedges

Door wedges are considered the most versatile choice for door stoppers. They are built underneath the door, such that they hold it open and also prevent damage to the wall due to impact. And as an added advantage, door wedges are portable and can be moved or removed easily and at any time.


How to Choose the Right Door Stop

Door stoppers come in a variety of styles, sizes, finishes, materials and designs. The wide variety of doorstops may make it quite challenging to find the right one for your door. So, how can you determine which door stopper is just ideal for your door?

Considering these two key factors will help you make the best decision when buying a door stop:


A. Purpose

What is your intended purpose for a door stopper? Would you like a door stopper that keeps your walls free from damage or one that holds the door open? If you wish to keep the door open, a door wedge would suffice. On the other hand, you can go for a floor-mounted door stop or a wall-mounted one if you wish to restrict the extent to which your door opens.

Indeed, determining your key purpose for a door stopper will help you narrow down your search and find the ideal doorstop for your door.


B. Material

Door stoppers are made using different materials, such as metal, rubber, wood and plastic. To choose the best doorstop material for your door, consider the type of flooring in your house, the overall weight of the door and the traffic that goes into the rooms.

For example, if the door is used in commercial spaces or for industrial applications, you would do well to get a heavy-duty floor mounted door stopper. Considering these factors will help you choose the ideal sturdy material for your door stopper.



So now you know where is the best place to put a door stopper; always ensure you leave a gap of 10-15 cm between the wall and the door. Installing the door stopper in this position will ensure that it works properly, regardless of whether it is intended to hold the door in place or prevent wall damage.

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