Have you ever wondered, why does my Roomba keep saying clean main brushes? If you own a Roomba vacuum, then you are most likely familiar with the “Clean Brushes” error. Sometimes, the robot vacuum cleaner throws this error even after you have just finished cleaning the main brushes. And even if the error stops showing after you’ve cleaned the brushes, it may show again after just a few minutes of cleaning.


If this happens to your vacuum from time to time, it may be a frustrating experience. To help you solve this problem once and for all, we discuss why the Roomba vacuum throws this error from time to time, as well as practical steps you can take to solve this problem once and for all. Read along!


Why Does My Roomba Keep Saying Clean Main Brushes?

The error thrown by most Roomba vacuums to clean the main brushes is commonly known as the error code 2. The main reason why the robot vacuum cleaners throw this error is because the main brush rollers are experiencing resistance. The resistance on the rollers either makes it hard for them to rotate or hinders them from rotating at all.

In most cases, the Roomba throws this error when hair has choked up the rollers, preventing them from spinning properly during vacuuming. Sometimes, hair may even build up and clog the gears or the area between the handles, preventing any spinning of the wheels. And when the vacuum brushes cannot spin anymore, the Roomba usually throws the ‘Clean Main Brushes” error.

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How Can I Fix the “Clean Main Brushes” Error on My Roomba?

As mentioned in the above subheading, most Roomba vacuums throw the “Clean Main Brushes” error mainly due to the main brush rollers experiencing resistance. Therefore, to fix the error code 2 thrown by the Roomba vacuum, you should first clean the main brush rollers. Usually, this process is not complicated and takes only up to ten or less minutes to complete.

Also, to prevent the re-occurrence of the error every now and then, it is a good idea that you clean the brush rollers frequently. Cleaning the brushes prevents the buildup of hair and dust, which could clog the brushes and hinder their proper functioning, in turn triggering the error. It is recommended that you clean the brushes at least once per week.


How Do You Reset a Roomba Error Code?

Sometimes, even after you’ve done all the thorough cleaning of the brush rollers, your Roomba may still throw the “Clean Main Brushes” error. When this is the case, it could be a glitch in the vacuum cleaner’s system. You can fix the glitch by resetting your Roomba.

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Here is a step-by-step procedure on how you can reset the Roomba error code:

  1. Press and hold the Spot Clean, Clean and Home buttons simultaneously. Keep holding the three buttons until the light ring from the Clean button begins spinning.
  2. Then, once you can see the light ring, release the three buttons. However, if yours is an older Roomba model, release the button only when you hear a beeping tome. The Roomba should then restart, having completed the factory reset process successfully.

However, if the error still persists even after you’ve cleaned the brushes and reset the Roomba error code, you would do well to consider replacing the multi-surface brushes with new, modern ones.


Which Roomba Models Mostly Experience the “Clean Main Brushes” Error Message?

While not all Roomba models and series encounter the ‘Clean Main Brushes” error, there are those that are prone to experiencing this error message. Basically, the older Roomba models, such as the 800, 700, 600 and 500 Series have trouble with the error 2 message more than the newer Roomba Series. The main reason why the older models mostly experience this error message is because they use the older versions of brush models. These brush models have bristles which make them prone to accumulating tangled hair in them.

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On the other hand, newer Roomba models, such as the Roomba 800, 900, s Series and i Series, use modern multi-surface rubber brushes that do not have bristles. The lack of bristles mean that the brushes tangles less often than the older brushes. And the less they tangle, the fewer the chances of the Roomba vacuum throwing the “Clean Main Brushes” error.


Therefore, if you are constantly experience this error with your Roomba, it is high time you upgraded to a new Roomba model that uses the modern and improved brush rollers. Alternatively, replace the brushes of your Roomba vacuum with newer, multi-surface rubber brushes.



A Roomba vacuum that keeps throwing the “Clean Main Brushes” error can be quite frustrating to work with. Fortunately, as long as you know why does my Roomba keep saying clean main brushes, you can easily get rid of this problem. If cleaning the brushes doesn’t solve the problem, consider restarting the vacuum or even upgrading to a newer and improved version. When you do that, you will never have to worry about constantly trying to find solutions to an unending error 2 message!

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