Long gone are those days when a classic pedestal and washbasin was the theme of all classy bathrooms. These have now been replaced by the elegant bathroom vanity; a must-have for all homeowners looking to add a modern appeal in their bathrooms. Not only do these beautiful additions add style and class in all bathrooms, but they also offer additional integrated storage. What’s even better, they come in a wide range of styles, colors and designs to fit all bathroom themes.


If you are looking for a bathroom vanity that will perfectly complement the theme of your bathroom, then you need to be well-versant with all the available types of bathroom vanities. And in this article, we discuss what are the different types of vanities and the best bathroom designs to fit each of these. Read on!


What Are The Different Types of Vanities?

The main types of bathroom vanities sold in the market are floating, freestanding, vessel, under-mounted sink, pedestal, cabinet, double-sink and corner vanities. Bathroom vanities can also be classified according to the styles in which they are designed, with the most common styles being Victorian Hampton, Modernist and Art Deco styles. Besides, vanities come in different shapes and can be categorized as round, rectangular and square bathroom vanities.

Let’s look into the 8 main different types of bathroom vanities and what each of them entails:


The Pros & Cons of Floating Vanities

1. Floating Vanity

Floating vanities are also referred to as wall-mounted vanities. They are usually mounted directly on the bathroom wall, leaving some space between the units and the floor. Therefore, the vanities hang on the wall and do not sit on the floor. The ample space left underneath gives the bathroom a contemporary look and adds a sense of space.


The greatest advantage about floating vanities is that they take up very little space in the bathroom. This makes them ideal for small bathrooms with limited storage or bathrooms that offer less floor space. These vanities provide an additional sense of space, making the bathrooms appear bigger and more open. Besides, you can add an ultra-modern effect by simply installing highlight LEDs beneath them. And if you do not really require as much storage in your bathroom, you can simply add a classic counter top.

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2. Freestanding Vanity

Freestanding vanities feature a sink and cabinet combination that stands on 4 legs; a design that gives them a more traditional look. Unlike floating vanities that are mounted directly on the wall, freestanding vanities are designed to sit on the floor, usually standing vertically. Therefore, they do not leave any space between the vanities and the floor.

Freestanding vanities are among the most popular choices available in the market. Their high preference can be attributed to the fact that these vanities come in a wide range of styles to suit different bathroom themes and individual preferences. Besides, despite their minimal profile, freestanding vanities can support two sinks, making them ideal for master bathrooms and bathroom with bigger spaces. Most freestanding bathroom vanities are available in square and rectangular designs.

However, since these types of bathroom vanities are designed in such a way that they support their own weight, premium materials tend to cost more. Even so, the premium materials are definitely worth all the investment. After all, cheaper materials that are less durable could cause the entire vanity to collapse or topple over.

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3. Vessel Vanity

The main thing that makes a vessel vanity stand out is its sink. This type of bathroom vanity features a sink that rests on top, usually looking like a bowl. The unique design of the sink adds a more contemporary and elegant look in the bathroom. So if you are looking to create an upscale and aesthetically pleasing environment in the bathroom, you would do well to consider adding a vessel vanity unit.

Considering the unique appeal that these bathroom vanities add, it is no wonder that they are a common feature in restaurants and hotels with lavish decors. Still, you can add this vanity to your home’s bathrooms, and even pair it with other classic design choice to create an intriguing bathroom space. If your bathroom has limited space, you can also go for a vessel vanity that offers additional storage options, such as at the bottom.

However, vessel vanities have their share of disadvantages. For example, the raised design of the sink can make users feel like they have limited room to work with. Also, compared with traditional built-in sinks, vessel vanity sinks tend to splash more water, especially in bathrooms with high water pressure. Therefore, before you can purchase this type of vanity, it is crucial that you consider the advantages and disadvantages that it has to offer.


4. Undermounted Vanity

An undermounted vanity features a built-in basin located just below the vanity’s counter top. Simply put, this style of bathroom vanity includes a sink contained within it; a sink that users can see its rim or lip. This design ensures that there is more room for users to place their things on top. Besides, it provides a sleek look that makes undermounted vanities ideal for modern properties and bathrooms with new builds.

In addition to creating an aesthetically-pleasing look in the bathroom, an undermounted vanity allows more room to place mirrors above the sink. It provides bathroom users with enough space for their cosmetics, ensuring that these do not feel cramped or limited in space. And as an added advantage, they are available in numerous styles and designs, so you can rest assured of finding the ideal design that complements the theme of your bathroom space.

If your bathroom’s sink has the same color as the counter top, installing an undermounted vanity would add a seamless, elegant finish. Also, if you are looking to boost the re-sale value of your home, you would do well to add a ceramic undermounted vanity to your bathroom; such a unit would undoubtedly prove to be a solid investment for you. The only downside about these types of vanities is that they tend to be more difficult to install, especially due to the limited space under the sink.


5. Pedestal Vanity

The pedestal vanity is considered the simplest type of bathroom vanity. It only features a sink and basin, without including a counter top and storage space. Just like freestanding vanities, the pedestal vanity stands vertically on the floor and take up little space in the bathroom. Yet, despite their minimalist design, these vanities are very visually appealing and usually fit into all styles and themes.

The only deal breaker about the pedestal vanity is the lack of storage space. These could be a turn off for homes with small bathroom that have limited storage, as the users won’t be able to find the storage space they need. Also, the type of vanity may not offer enough surface space, such as for doing make-up and other activities which require larger surfaces. Therefore, if space is a big deal for you, a pedestal vanity may not be the ideal choice for your bathroom.

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6. Cabinet Vanity

Cabinet vanities are known to offer additional storage space in the bathroom. These units function as both a vanity and cabinet. They are ideal for bigger bathrooms where the addition of the cabinets won’t make the bathroom space appear cramped.

To add a more appealing look in the bathroom, consider adding a mirror just above the cabinet vanity’s sink. Placing the mirror in this position will allow you to get ready and gain a clear view of what you’re doing without having to bend or strain. And the good news is that vanity cabinets offer a large surface area for doing make-up, shaving and other related bathroom activities. And if you are a couple, you can even consider getting a cabinet vanity with two sinks for an easier and smoother experience in the bathroom.


7. Double Sink Vanity

bathroom vanities


Like their name suggests, double sinks vanities feature two sinks on the counter top. They are ideal for homes with couples or more bathroom users. These sinks make it possible for more than one user to use the bathroom comfortably. For example, two bathroom users can wash their faces and brush their teeth simultaneously, without either interfering with the other person. These types of vanities are especially recommended for households with busy adults and school-going children.

Also, a double sink vanity offers double the storage than that offered by vanities with a single sink. You can use the extra storage space provided to store bathroom essentials, such as toiletries, toilet rolls and cleaning products.


8. Corner Vanity

Corner vanities are recommended for small and narrow bathrooms. Most of them have a triangular shape which makes it possible to fit them comfortably into the dead corner spaces of narrow bathrooms. Even so, you can still find square and rectangular vanities that suit your bathroom’s design.


How To Choose The Right Vanity

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Difference Between a Bathroom Cabinet and a Bathroom Vanity?

A bathroom cabinet mainly refers to a set of cabinets used to provide additional storage in the cabinets. In most cases, bathroom cabinets are not connected to a sink. However, when the cabinet is connected to the sink, it forms a bathroom vanity. In other words, a bathroom vanity refers to the combination of a sink and extra storage around it.


Which is the Best Vanity for Small Bathrooms?

The most recommended bathroom vanities for small bathrooms are corner vanities and single sink vanities. Corner vanities are mainly intended to take up the dead, unused corner space of bathrooms. They offer functional units without making the bathroom space appear overcrowded.



Are you looking to transform your bathroom into a focal point in your home? Well, all you need to do is simply add a classy bathroom vanity. Knowing what are the different types of vanities will help you choose the best vanity that perfectly complements your bathroom space and accentuates its style.

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