If your vanity unit or cabinet has started wearing out or looks quite outdated, then you most likely are wondering can I to sell my old bathroom vanity? Bathroom vanities are usually very long-lasting, with most of these remaining durable for up to 20 years or more. However, just like other furniture pieces around the house, these units may also start to look old, out of style and worn out after many years of use. And even if, after many years, the unit has developed just a few scratches here and there, you might feel the need to replace it with a more functional unit.


Bathroom vanities are intended to add aesthetic appeal to a bathroom and make it look more trendy and attractive. Yet, old vanities do the very opposite; not only do these make the bathroom space feel odd and outdated, but they also make it look less attractive and appealing to the eye. So if you have an old bathroom vanity, what should you do about it? Should you consider selling it or are there other better alternatives to selling the old vanity unit? Read on to find out!


Can I Sell My Old Bathroom Vanity?

Selling your old unit and replacing it with a newer model of higher quality would be the best option to do if you are looking to upgrade your bathroom and increase your home value. The good thing is, there are thousands of buyers who are always looking to buy contemporary units. Hence, you can rest assured of finding good market for your old bathroom vanity.

However, it is recommended to sell your old vanity unit only if it is slightly worn out, outdated or has developed just a few damages. Otherwise, selling a unit that is in very poor condition would mean less cash for you, or even lack any clients to buy the damaged unit.

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Reasons to Sell Your Old Bathroom Vanity

As mentioned above, the main reason why most people choose to sell their old bathroom vanity is if they are looking to upgrade their bathrooms. After selling the old unit, you can buy a new one that is more stylish and trendy, making your bathroom appear modern and classic. However, there are many other reasons why you can opt to sell your bathroom vanity apart from just upgrading the bathroom.

Consider these three other signs that indicate it is time to sell your old bathroom vanity:

1. When it’s time to Sell Your Home

For a client to be lured into buying your house, then your property must make a good first impression. And the bathroom vanity is one of the main things potential clients look at when intending to buy a home. An old, damaged and worn-out vanity would only push a client away, as it would reflect on the poor condition of the bathroom, even the home as a whole. Therefore, unless you want to scare away clients and risk never selling your property, it is high time you sold and replaced your old bathroom vanity with a new one.

How to remove a bathroom vanity

2. When Mold Has Began Infesting the Area

Due to the high humid conditions of the bathroom, bathroom vanities are prone to mold development and infestation. And once the vanity unit has turned into a breeding ground for mold and mildew, it is almost impossible to stop its development.

Therefore, if your old bathroom vanity has started showing signs of mold and mildew, it might be best to sell it. You can sell it to local hardware and thrift stores, then use the cash to buy a new vanity. Otherwise, keeping the vanity for longer would lead to its permanent damage, forcing you to eventually throw it away and lose the opportunity of making any profit. Similarly, renovating or refurbishing the infested furniture unit would not be a good idea as the mold and mildew would only spread to the replaced parts, damaging the entire unit in the long run.

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3. When the Unit Looks Outdated

You could upgrade every other thing in your bathroom, from the shower to the flooring and toilet, even add the most luxurious bath ever. However, no matter what significant changes you make in the bathroom, the space will still feel odd and look out of style if you still have an old bathroom vanity installed.

Therefore, if you wish to change your bathroom and add some modern style to it, consider selling your old bathroom vanity and replacing it with a new one. Also, remember to replace any undersized or oversized vanity cabinets and all rusty pipes as these contribute greatly to the outdated feel of the bathroom vanity.


Alternatives to Selling Your Old Bathroom Vanity

Still, selling your old bathroom vanity and buying a new one is not the only option you have for upgrading your bathroom. There are two other alternatives you can consider, namely:

  1. Refurbish the Bathroom Vanity
  2. Donate the Bathroom Vanity

Consider each of these two alternatives for handling an old bathroom vanity and the advantages associated with each:

1. Refurbish the Bathroom Vanity

If you are always looking for ways to “Go Green,” then refurbishing your bathroom vanity is one ideal way you can do so. Renovating the unit will allow you to add tons of style and a sense of personality in the bathroom. Besides, you will be able to customize the furniture and fixtures, so that they fit your preferences and match the overall style of your bathroom. Most importantly, recycling the unit will help reduce waste and promote a more environmentally-friendly manufacturing process.

To refurbish your old bathroom vanity and transform it into an appealing unit, you may need to add fresh paint and hardware, install new countertops, change the wall backsplash or any mirrors on the wall. Usually, refurbishing of vanities is recommended for units made of tile, Formica and cultured marble countertops.

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The biggest advantage of refurbishing the bathroom vanity is that it extends the life of the bathroom fixture, sometimes even for 15 years longer or more. Also, since the process of renovation involves repairing any damages to the sink, cabinets and countertop, your bathroom vanity will feel and look new, making your bathroom space look even more elegant.

However, note that not all bathroom vanities can be refurbished or renovated. Whether your unit is better refurbished or not will depend on the level of damage or wearing out that the unit has undergone. Units that are too damaged will require more time, effort and resources to repair; resources that might have cost you even more money than you would’ve spent buying a new one. Therefore, if your unit is too damaged, the best option would be to replace it with a new one or sell its part for some profit.


2. Donate the Bathroom Vanity

It is never too late to offer a helping hand, and donating your bathroom vanity can go a long way in helping others. For example, you can donate it to a non-profit organization or local thrift stores. These will then either use the furniture parts or recycle it to give the old bathroom vanity a second life. And who knows, you could even get some cash back into your pockets and experience the joy of sharing.

Most non-profit organizations refurbish the vanity units they receive as donations and use these in some of the homes they build. Others sell these in Habitat ReStore centers, then use the profits earned to help fund the building of more homes.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Sell My Old Bathroom Vanity?

You can sell your old vanity unit to local thrift stores, hardware shops and yard sales. Also, you can sign up for online services that allow users to sell used items at affordable prices, such as Free cycle.org and Craigslist. However, when you sign up for these online services, make sure you are upfront about the true condition of the bathroom vanity you are selling.


Where Can I Donate my Old Bathroom Vanity?

You can donate your old bathroom vanity and other furniture fixtures to places such as St. Vincent de Paul, Habitat for Humanity Goodwill and Northwest Center. While most of these organizations accept almost everything, you can try calling them beforehand and inquire about donating. Some non-profit organizations, such as the Habitat for Humanity will even come and collect the unit piece themselves, saving you the hassle of doing so yourself.



The last thing every person wants is to have a bathroom space that is an eye-sore. Yet, that is exactly what old, outdated bathroom vanities do; they make a bathroom unpleasant to the eye. So if you were wondering can I sell my old bathroom vanity, this is your sign to do it! Sell your vanity unit and get a new, trendy one that perfectly complements your bathroom space. Better yet, if you have the time, resources and energy, renovate the old vanity and upgrade it into a newer, customized one or even donate it to those who will find better use for the furniture!


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