Just because yours is a small room does not mean that you are doomed to living in a cramped, disorganized space. With these 14 Small Room Organization Ideas, you will be able to reorganize your space and make the most out of the limited space.

Regardless of the kind of room you have, you need to reorganize your space into a clean, neat place. Living in a neat, clutter-free space not only helps you plan and manage your time well, but it also does your body great good. In fact, experts comment that living in a well-organized room contributes to inner calm, peace, happiness and a healthier mental state.

However, while organizing a spacious room might be quite easy, arranging things in a small, tight space can be quite complicated. Still, this doesn’t mean that organizing small rooms is impossible. On the contrary, there are hundreds of creative ideas on how you can reorganize your small space and utilize the limited space that you have.

Small Room Organization Ideas

Consider the following 14 Organization Ideas that can help you kick that clutter and create a clean, comfortable living space for you:


1. Store Your Hamper in the Closet

In addition to storing clothes and linens, use the closet to store your laundry basket/hamper. Not only will this create extra floor space, storing your hamper in the closet will also make it easier for you to store clothes when undressing. And even if your closet does not have enough space for storing a hamper, you can always go for a hamper than can be hung on the back of the closet door.


2. Make Use of Corner Shelves

The corners of small spaces are usually not large enough to accommodate furniture or dressers. However, you can still create more space by adding several corner shelves. You can then place books, boxes and other items on these shelves. Better yet, you can always go for decorative shelves with colors that perfectly complement your room.


3. Hang Up All Pants

Rather than fold pants and dress slacks, hang these on S-hooks or hangers. This will help you create more closet and drawer space, where you can store other items.


4. Use a Bedside Pocket Organizer

Can your small bedroom not accommodate a night stand? Well, you need not worry! As an alternative, use a bedside pocket organizer to store any item that you wish to keep close to you. This creative organizer saves on a lot of space by allowing you to clip it onto the bed frame. You can use it to store electronics, jewelry, books and other personal items.


5. Go for Clear Containers

Sometimes, not finding what you need fast enough can lead to you disorganizing your space. After all, you will be forced to go through almost everything looking for the item, disorganizing things while at it. Therefore, go for clear bins and containers, as these will help you find things faster and minimize disorganizing stuff.


6. Use Floating Shelves

Just like corner shelves, floating shelves help to create additional storage on the wall. They make ideal storage spaces for books, ornaments, bedroom greenery and other accessories. And the good thing about these shelves is that you won’t be forced to break the bank to buy one; they go for very budget-friendly prices. Better yet, you can create your own DIY floating shelf at home!


7. Move Your Dresser into the Closet

If yours is a walk-in closet, it would be a good idea to add the dresser into the closet space. Doing so can create a lot of free floor area. Similarly, add your dresser into the closet if your dressing room is attached to the bedroom.


8. Use the KonMari Folding Method

How do you organize your clothes in the closet? If you still fold them, then you are not using the available space in your room to the full. Rather, the best way to fold clothes is by using the KonMari method; this method ensures that you save and make the most out of your dresser space.


9. Get an Over-the-Door Shoe Rack

Would you like to keep your shoes organized, while still flossing and showing them off at the same time? Well, one creative way you can hit these “two birds” with one stone is by using an over-the-door shoe rack. Such a shoe rack will create more space to store your favorite pairs of shoes.

10. Try a Portable Clothing Rack

Not all bedrooms have enough space to accommodate a dresser or a closet. If yours is such a room, then you would do well to go for an open closet. A good example of this is a rolling clothing rack built with shelves that fan be used for storing shoes and other items.


11. Invest in a Wicker Basket

If your closet is usually packed to the full, consider getting a wicker basket for extra storage space. Wicker baskets are ideal for storing pillows, extra linens and blankets. And the best thing about these baskets is that they come in a variety of colors and designs, adding more class and elegance to your small bedroom.


12. Maximize on Closet Space

When organizing closets, most people tend to hang their clothes at an inconvenient level; one that leaves no room below or above for storage. Therefore, when arranging your closet, you are recommended to either raise or lower the level where you hang your clothes. By doing so, you will be able to create room for additional shelving.


13. Choose a Headboard with Storage

Who said that headboards only function to provide support for the bed? Headboards do more than that; they can also offer extra storage space. Therefore, if you are looking to upgrade your bedroom furniture any time soon, don’t just look for trendy headboards. Also, look for beds whose headboards offer storage for books, photos, plants and other items.


14. Utilize Under-the-Bed Storage

The biggest disadvantage of small rooms is limited storage. Yet, you can still create plenty of storage in your room by utilizing the space under your bed. For example, take advantage of under-the-bed storage drawers, and use these to store your clothes, shoes and other accessories.


Regardless of whether you live in a mansion, a studio apartment or a room with limited space, you need to keep your place very organized. The above 14 Small Room Organization Ideas will help you declutter your small space and turn into a neat and fresh room; just the kind of room that you will never shy from inviting your friends over!


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