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Terrazzo flooring; this is one of the most affordable flooring options out there. Yet, very few people actually know the process on cleaning a terrazzo floor. The problem with these type of floors is that they usually stain very easily, which makes it very important to clean them on a regular basis.


Cleaning a Terrazzo Floor

Terrazzo floors greatly complement to the look of your home. Therefore, cleaning them on a regular basis ensure that your floors are always bright, which in turn will add beauty and elegance in the house.

However, compared with other types of hard floors, Terrazzo floors are a bit more complicated when it comes to maintaining them. In this article, we have done all the work for you and researched different ways you can effectively clean your terrazzo floors. Read on to find out how you can clean these floors with simple, yet very safe products:


How to Clean a Terrazzo Floor

To prevent build-up of tough stains on the Terrazzo flooring, you are recommended to perform this basic cleaning procedure on a weekly basis.

Materials Needed:
  • Water
  • Dust Pan
  • Neutral Cleaner – safe for Terrazzo Floors
  • Bucket
  • Broom
  • Dry Mop
  • Squeegee


The Process:

1. Using a broom, sweep the entire floor thoroughly to remove all crumbs, loose dirt and debris. Start at the corners and work your way across the floor. If the terrazzo floor is very dusty, you are recommended to use a dry mop. Then, collect all the dirt and debris in a dust pan and dispose of it.

2. In a clean bucket, add water. Add 1/2 cup of neutral cleaner to the water. Then, dip the dry mop into the water and wet mop the entire floor. Leave the neutral cleaner to sit on the floor for several minutes.

3. Rinse the terrazzo floors with clean water. Alternatively, you can use a squeegee (or a wet vacuum) to dry off the floors. Sometimes, you might need to rinse off the floors more than once to remove all dirt.

4. Once the floor is dry, buff it to restore its beautiful shine.


Best Neutral Cleaners for Terrazzo Floors

To maintain the cleanliness of your floors, you need to use cleaners that are specifically designed for terrazzo floors. Avoid using all-purpose cleaners on your terrazzo floors, since most of these usually contain acids and other elements which could be damaging to the floors.

The following are the two most recommended neutral cleaners for terrazzo floors:


A. Bona Stone, Tile & Laminate Floor Cleaner

This is a water-based terrazzo floor cleaner. It is not only backed by a century of cleaning heritage, but also consists of the GREENGUARD GOLD certification. More so, the cleaner is ranked among the top floor cleaners by Home Flooring Pros.

Therefore, you can completely trust the safety and effectiveness of the Bona Stone, Tile & Laminate Floor Cleaner. To use the cleaner, simply spray it on your floors and start mopping.


B. Rejuvenate Floor Cleaner


The Rejuvenate floor cleaner is also a neutral cleaner specifically designed for terrazzo floors. It is a 3-in-1 cleaner that can be used for three purposes, namely:

  • Cleaning the floors
  • Protecting the floors
  • Restoring the shine on the terrazzo floors.

Rejuvenate floor cleaner (View On Amazon)is very safe and gentle on terrazzo floors. Therefore, it can be used on a regular basis. Also, there are no special instructions for using the cleaner; simply spray it on the floors and mop.


How Often Should You Clean Your Terrazzo Floors?

To keep your terrazzo floors clean and shiny, you should sweep them to remove loose dirt and debris on a daily basis. Alternatively, go over the floors with a dry, dust mop daily. Also, on a weekly basis, damp and scrub the floors with a neutral cleaner solution. In addition, you are recommended to remove all finish coats and existing sellers, and replace them at least semi-annually.


Hiring a Cleaning Professional

Take a closer look at your terrazzo floors. Have they lost their shine and luster? Or have they developed tough stains that are difficult to clean when using the basic cleaning procedure? If so, you need to call in professional floor cleaners as soon as possible.

When you hire a floor cleaning specialist/company, they will strip the sealer on the flooring and reapply it. They will also polish your floor surface again using safe commercial products that will restore its original bright shine.

Therefore, if your terrazzo floors have lost their luster or developed tough stains, do not try to clean them yourself. Experimenting with different flooring products and techniques could cause great, irreversible damages to your beautiful floors.

This is why it is always recommended that you consult floor restoration specialists, as they have the needed skills and expertise to restore the original shine and cleanliness of your floors.


Additional Tips for Cleaning Terrazzo Floors

While they may be durable floor options, terrazzo floors are also very prone to developing stains and easily get damaged by some chemical products. The following tips will help you keep your terrazzo floors clean and prevent any possible damage to them:

  • Do not use stain removers or oil-based cleaners on your terrazzo floors – These cleaners and stain removers can cause permanent discoloration to your terrazzo floors.
  • When using commercial cleaning products, only go for those that are neutral and specifically formulated for terrazzo floors. Also, before using them on the floors, first test them out on a small, inconspicuous patch to check for discoloration.
  • Place rugs and mats on high-traffic areas, such as near the kitchen stove and refrigerator – This will help to minimize stains on the terrazzo floors.
  • Wipe any spills on the terrazzo floors immediately.



Terrazzo floors are more than just an affordable type of flooring; they are also attractive floors that add style, class and elegance to any room in which they are added. However, for these to retain their beautiful shine and elegance, you need to clean the terrazzo floors regularly.

The tips provided in this article will help you with cleaning a terrazzo floor so effectively that they will regain their original shine, just like new and freshly-manufactured Terrazzo floors!

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