Everybody loves a clean house. Yet, a clean house doesn’t just happen; you have to put in that extra effort to clean it. But what is the best way to clean a room? Should you vacuum it, or is simply dusting the rooms just enough?

Best Way to Clean a Room

One thing that most people don’t realize is that; just those few, simple housekeeping tasks are enough to turn your room into a clean and organized space. In other words, you don’t have to go through all those hectic and tedious activities to keep your room clean. All you need is a simple, yet effective cleaning strategy, and your room will easily turn into a neat and tidy space.

In this article, we discuss the most effective ways on how you can clean a room, whether it is your bedroom, sitting room or any other room in the house. The checklist below highlights 8 simple steps that can enhance the neatness of your room:


1. Take Out Trash

Do you have a wastebasket or dustbin in your room? If not, you should really get one as soon as possible. A wastebasket provides a conducive place for keeping waste, so that it does not make your room messy.

Also, remember to take out trash regularly. Do not let accumulate in the wastebasket. In fact, it is recommended that you take out trash on a daily basis. This is because trash tends to build up very easily, leaving the room messy and foul-smelling.


2. Pick Up Dirty Clothes

Almost all of us have that one chair that holds most clothes, whether clean or dirty. Yet, leaving clothes on chairs or lying on the floor only works to make rooms appear messier and dirtier.

Therefore, pick up all the dirty clothes on chairs and on the floor, then place them in a hamper. And if your closet is large enough to accommodate a hamper, go for an open bin type of hamper; open bins are much easier to throw in dirty clothes, especially when you are in a rush.


3. Fold Clean Clothes

After doing your laundry, do not just leave your clothes lying on the floor or on the chair; neatly fold them then put them in the closet. Folding clothes is a menial task and will only take a few minutes of your time.

Best Way to Clean a Room
Also, when organizing clothes in the closet, make sure that they are neatly arranged. For example, you can hang all the blouses, blazers and sweaters in such a way that they all face the same direction. Also, fold your pants and shirts into the closet/dresser drawers. Such a neat organization will also make it much easier for you to choose your outfits in the morning, or while in a rush.


4. Clear Surface Clutter

Have you noticed that some objects are more prone to being used as drop zones for objects that are used on a regular basis? For instance, dressers, desks and nightstands are prone to being drop zones for keys, cosmetics, eye glasses and jewelry. Yet, placing these commonly used items on surfaces only makes a room appear messy and cluttered.

Therefore, if you notice that you have the habit of placing objects on surfaces, consider getting an organization system. An organization system provides a neat surface where you can conveniently keep your keys, cosmetics and other frequently-used items. Examples of organization systems that you can consider getting are a small box or a decorative tray for your dresser/nightstand drawer.


5. Wipe Down All Surfaces

After putting everything in its right place, the next thing you should do is wipe all surfaces clean. You can use effective cleaners, such as antibacterial wipes, dusting sprays and glass cleaners.

Remember that that wiping surfaces means more than simply wiping the tops of tables and furniture. Also, pay detailed attention to other parts, such as the nightstands and the legs of chairs. If the room you are cleaning is a bedroom, don’t forget to clean the headboard and the bed stands; these parts are usually very prone to dust and tend to be forgotten when cleaning rooms.


6. Dust the Light Fixtures and Curtains

Most people think that the only way to clean curtains is to wash them. Yet, curtains also require regular dusting. And it is not just curtains that require dusting, but also other light fixtures, such as window treatments and lampshades. Dusting can be done using a simple duster, or a vacuum machine at its lowest setting.

Just like other pieces of furniture, curtains and light fixtures tend to accumulate dirt and dust over time. Therefore, lightly dusting these helps to remove any accumulated dust, in turn enhancing the cleanness and neatness of the room. More so, dusting helps to remove allergens which could cause health issues to the home residents.


7. Wipe the Mirrors and Windows

Scratches, smudges and accumulated dust on windows tend to disrupt the view, making a room appear dull. Therefore, wiping down windows is a crucial step to brightening a room and making it appear neater.

Best Way to Clean a Room
It is highly recommended that you use streak-free cleaning agents when wiping down windows. The good thing about these cleaning agents is that they do not leave any streaks on glass windows. Also, don’t forget to wipe down mirrors while you’re at it.


8. Vacuum or Sweep the Room

It goes without saying that a room cannot be truly clean with dirty floors. Therefore, vacuum and sweep your floors on a regular basis. For hardwood flooring, it is recommended that you first remove any rugs and vacuum them, prior sweeping the entire floor. For carpeted rooms, vacuum the floors to remove any dust bunnies.

When sweeping or vacuuming the floors, reach as far under the furniture pieces as you can. In fact, if your tables and chairs are lightweight enough to be moved easily, carry these and put them in the hallway. Doing so will ensure that you sweep or vacuum the entire room thoroughly and with great ease.



Living in a messy room can add to your anxiety and stress levels. On the other hand, neat and organized rooms promote relaxation, especially after a long day at work. The good thing is, that making a room neat and clean only takes a few housekeeping tasks. The above 8 tips on the best way to clean a room can help you turn your room into the relaxing, neat space that you deserve!

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