Pets are considered humans’ best friends for a reason: these cuddly, sweet, and lovable little guys can make all of our lives so much better. WhetherHow to remove pet stains from a carpet you’re cuddling up to kittens, puppies, birds, or any other kind of indoor pet, odds are your furry or feathered friend is a true member of your home. Unfortunately, these cute and cuddly pets are often not as house trained as we’d like them to be. Animals are important and common parts of our households, but knowing how to clean up after them and how to remove pet stains from a carpet is not something that’s quite as common.

Pet stains can be a real bother for several reasons. The odor of certain pet waste is long-lasting and often persistent, so the longer it sits in your carpeting or furniture the stronger that smell will become. They can also be a bio hazard, especially if you’ve got little children in your home or other pets that could get sick from the exposure. No one likes the smell, stain, or danger of pet wastes, so our team has researched extensively to provide you with the best methods available to treat those pet stains and remove them from your carpet.


Knowing Your Stain

Every pet stain is slightly different, and in order to effectively treat and remove pet stains from your carpet you’re going to need to know what type of stain you’re dealing with in order to best remove it.

Wet stains, or urine-based pet stains, are mostly about removing smell. They can leave behind some discoloration, but the odor contained in wet pet stains is the biggest threat to your clean home, especially wet cat stains.

Solid wastes present a larger stain issue, especially if another pet gets into the stain and tracks it around the house. With a solid waste, the odor is usually much easier to deal with; your biggest concern will be ensuring all parts of the stain are removed as quickly as possible.


Treating Shag Carpet

Materials Needed:

  • Paper Towels
  • Dry Carpet Shampoo
  • Comb/Brush
  • Cat Litter
  • Vacuum Cleaner

Thick shag carpet can be a huge pain to clean because you’re battling with thick rugs and matted fibers that can really absorb pet waste and other damage. The thick textile doesn’t have to frighten you, though; it’s actually much easier than you would think to clean these pretty additions to your home!

Start by immediately soaking up all liquid pet stains, whether urine, vomit, or otherwise. You can sprinkle cat litter over particularly damp areas as well as solid waste to help clump up the liquid and make it easier to remove. Next, apply dry carpet shampoo liberally to the carpet before working through with a comb or brush. Allow to rest for the duration recommended by the manufacturer and then vacuum up the residue and remove your stain for good!


Treating Flat Carpets

Materials Needed:

  • Paper Towels
  • White Vinegar
  • Distilled Water
  • Spray Bottle
  • Towels
  • Cat Litter
  • Baking Soda

Your flat carpet is a bit easier to clean because you’re working with less texture or fiber to work with. Begin by soaking up excess liquid waste, use a brush and pan to gently sweep solid waste up. Next, mix equal parts white vinegar and distilled water into your spray bottle and apply liberally to stained or smelling areas. Allow to rest for twenty minutes and then blot dry with a thicker towel.

Repeat as needed until any smells and stains have been removed. For particularly thick solid waste, sprinkle a layer of cat litter over to clump up any waste, then sweep up excess or vacuum up using a hose attachment. Sprinkle a layer of baking soda over to finish removing any odor still lingering, and brush out after two hours.


Treating Wool Carpet

Materials Needed:

  • Broom
  • Cat Litter

Your wool carpet is going to be more delicate and susceptible to permanent damage from pet stains, so you’ll have to be careful in how you clean it. In order to treat your rug, you’re going to want to start by sprinkling cat litter over the entire surface of the rug, coating every liquid or solid waste-covered surface. Allow to sit for several minutes. Next, take your rug outside and hang it up over a clothesline/railing. Then, take a broom handle and beat your carpet, knocking out solid wastes without having to scrape and potentially spread them deeper into the carpet. Your rug should now be clean and ready to bring inside.

Wool rugs are extremely soluble in water, so be careful not to over soak them or you’ll damage your beautiful rug. If there are any remaining stains, you can take a very diluted solution of vinegar and water to treat them, dabbing directly onto the stained area and sprinkling with baking soda to gather and dry as well as treat the odor. Finish by beating again, allowing to dry in fresh air, and returning your rug back to your floor!


Heavy-Duty Cleaning Solutions

When you’ve exhausted all other options, you may need to call in a heavy-duty cleaning solution in order to remove offending pet stains from your carpeting. Many commercial carpet companies like Rug Doctor or Stanley Steamer offer individual carpet cleaners or steamers you can rent and use on your own before returning. For a nominal fee, you’ll have access to professional-grade cleaning solutions that you can use on your own, without needing to hire an entire cleaning company. Get your commercial steamer and buy some pet-specific deodorizing and cleansing liquid to fill the cleaning canister with, then follow the instructions of the rental agency and steam the entirety of your carpet to treat serious pet stains. Repeat as needed until the water inside the machine runs clean and your carpet looks as good as new!


Cleaning up after pets is often among our least favorite tasks, but with these handy cleaning solutions on how to remove pet stains from a carpet is easier than ever before. Next time you discover an unfortunate accident from your pet, head back to this guide and tackle even the hardest of stains head on!

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