How long do clothes take to dry in the sun? Knowing the answer to this question is very important, if you are to keep your clothes durable and ensure that they serve you for as long as possible. This is because leaving clothes out in the sun for too long can fade their color, making them look old and rugged. Therefore, it is crucial that you avoid leaving clothes outside for too long; only leave them for a few hours to ensure that they dry thoroughly without any discoloration.

But the question is, just how long is too long? Or in other words, how much time should you leave your clothes to dry before they start fading and turning color? Read on this article to find out how long it takes to dry clothes in the sun and the different factors that affect the speed of the drying process.


How Long Do Clothes Take to Dry in the Sun?

Usually, clothes take about 30 to 60 minutes to dry outside on a hot, sunny day. However, heavy clothes, such as towels, jackets and blankets, can take quite longer to dry since they absorb a lot of water. Even so, the maximum amount of time that clothes can take to dry is 24 hours.

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The fast drying time of clothes when hung in the sun can be attributed to the high temperatures and low humid conditions outside. The hotter the sun, the higher the temperatures will be and the higher the rate of evaporation will be, resulting to faster drying off the clothes.

To ensure that your clothes dry even faster outside, choose a strong clothesline that can hold all your clothes firmly. Also, position the clothes such that they face the sunlight directly. Hold the clothes firmly in place using clothespins to prevent them from being blown away by the wind. And to prevent any dust stains, make sure to wipe the clothesline with a clean cloth before hanging the clothes.


Factors That Affect How Long Clothes Take to Dry in the Sun


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The amount of time clothes take to air-dry in the sun is usually determined by a number of factors. Here are the five main factors that affect how long clothes take to dry in the sun:


1. Time of The Day

Clothes dry faster when hung at the early hours of the days. The most recommended time for hanging clothes is between 10a.m to 12 noon. During the night, there is not enough heat in the environment to evaporate the moisture from the clothes. And in addition to the cool environment, the early morning dew increases moisture and dampness in the clothes, prolonging their drying process.

2. Weather

Weather plays a major role in determining how fast clothes dry. In cold or humid environments, clothes take quite a long time to dry, even taking longer than 24 hours sometimes. The longer drying periods are due to the low rate of evaporation that is usually associated with high humidity.

On the contrary, clothes take a very short time to dry on hot, sunny days. Therefore, if you are planning to use your clothes the next day or any time sooner, you would do well to check the state of the weather first before you start doing laundry.

3. Method of Wringing

After rinsing your clothes, you will need to wring them properly to get moisture out of them. There are different ways of wringing clothes, which each method determining how much moisture can be removed from the clothes.

For example, you can wring clothes by hand, using a rolling pin, using the machine spinner method or via the punctured bag style. Methods that drain the fabric of moisture, such as machine spinning, promote a faster drying process of the clothes.

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4. The Arrangement of Clothes

You most probably know that spacing out clothes on the clothesline helps them dry faster. Leaving space between the clothes provides enough room for sunlight and heat energy to penetrate and dry the clothes much faster. On the other hand, spreading too many clothes or cramping clothes on the clothesline would prevent enough sunlight from penetrating, hence delaying the drying process.

5. Type of Fabric

It goes without saying that thick clothes take longer to dry in the sun, while thin fabric takes a shorter time. Thick fabrics, such as wool, hold onto a lot of moisture, which makes drying a little more complicated. On the other hand, fabrics, such as silk and chiffon do not hold a lot of moisture, hence dry faster than the former. Similarly, dark-colored clothes dry faster than light-colored ones since they absorb more heat energy than the latter.



Indeed, air-drying clothes in the sun is the best way to dry your clothes. And how long do clothes take to dry in the sun is usually dependent on factors, such as weather, type of fabric, method of wringing and how you arrange your clothes in the clothesline. Therefore, if you want to achieve a faster drying process, take into account all these key factors before you start washing your clothes!

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