Traveling can be exciting, but packing and planning is a bit less exciting sometimes especially when it comes to the less interesting details of your trip. And one thing that nobody wants to think about when planning their trip is laundry, but having clean clothes to wear is important.


And so is knowing where the dirty ones are going to go…

So if you’ve ever asked “Where Do I Put My Dirty Clothes When Traveling”, then you’re not alone. But luckily for you, we have all the information you need about laundry and dirty clothes on the road right here for you to read through.

Let’s get started so that you can go back to planning the fun parts of your travels!


Where Do I Put My Dirty Clothes When Traveling?

Some common options are a laundry bag, a packing cube, a compression bag, a travel bag, a foldable cloth storage bag, or even a pillowcase! There are many places you can store your dirty clothes while you’re traveling, and the option you choose will be up to you. Just make sure that you’re not storing your dirty clothes with your clean ones!


How Do I Keep My Dirty Clothes From Stinking In My Suitcase When I’m Traveling?

Even if you do have a place to store your dirty clothes, especially depending on how dirty they are, they might be so stinky that you’re afraid the smell will rub off on other items in your suitcase or possibly the suitcase itself. And in that case, there are some things you can do to keep dirty clothes from smelling too bad.

One method is to put your dirty clothes in airtight plastic bags before you place them in your storage bag of choice. This will contain the smells to the bag, as most smells won’t seep through the plastic.

There are also odor sprays and similar products that you can find online to spray your dirty clothes with before you pack them away. Or you could get something to put directly in your suitcase to combat any negative smells in the whole thing.

Examples would be some baking soda to absorb any bad smells, or a sachet of some herb like lavender that you could place in the bag to overwhelm the bad smell with a good one.

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Where Should I Put Wet Clothes When Traveling?

You shouldn’t put wet clothes directly into anything such as a suitcase or bag because the moisture could seep through and damage other items or the suitcase/bag itself. So instead you need to put some sort of buffer between the wet things and the rest of the luggage.

You could either put them in durable plastic bags, if you weren’t going to already, or you could wrap them up in something absorbent such as a beach towel before you place them in anything. Just make sure if you wrap them up, that the covering will stay secure and your wet clothes won’t fall out.


Where Can I Wash My Laundry When I’m Traveling?

The only thing worse than having to deal with dirty clothes when traveling are the moments when you don’t have any clean ones left! Sometimes we get clothes dirty faster than we thought we would or we didn’t pack enough in the first place, and we need some more clean clothes.

In this case, you have several ways of washing your laundry even while you’re traveling! Firstly, some hotels and other types of accommodations actually have places to wash your laundry on their grounds. If you’re not sure if yours does then it doesn’t hurt to ask around.

Secondly, you could look for a laundromat around where you’re staying where you can take a few hours to do some laundry.

And thirdly, even though it’s not the most convenient option, you could consider washing your clothes by hand in a sink or bathtub if you’re really in a pinch.


Can You Put The Bags With The Dirty Clothes In The Same Suitcase With Your Clean Ones While Traveling?

Yes, as long as your dirty clothes are packed away into something that will keep them from getting dirt, grime, or other unwanted substances on your other clothes and you’ve found some way to control the smell then it’s perfectly ok to have them in the same suitcase as your clean clothes.

For extra separation, some people even choose to pack their clean clothes into their own bags and bins as well. This can also help your suitcase stay a bit more organized and if you have extra items that will fit you can add them without fear they’ll mess up your clothing.


In Conclusion!

If you’re planning for your trip and the question of “Where Do I Put My Dirty Clothes When Traveling” keeps popping in your mind then now you know some tips and tricks of where to store them.

With a bit of creativity and planning, you’ll have a dedicated spot to put your dirty clothes in no time. And we’ve suggested options that are also cost efficient in case you’re a traveler on a budget.

Just make sure to pack enough clothes that you won’t run out, or if that’s not possible then take our tips on how to do laundry on the road into account!

Good luck and have fun planning your journey!


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