Everyone knows that they should clean their Roomba brushes regularly. But how about replacing them? How often should Roomba brushes be changed? I mean, each Roomba brush has a lifespan, and when it exceeds this lifespan, it becomes less effective when it comes to cleaning, in turn requiring replacement. Besides, even if the Roomba brushes do not exceed their lifespan, they are still prone to wear and tear overtime. And when this happens, they will need to be changed.


So how often should you change your Roomba brushes? And why is it really important that you change the brushes from time to time? Read on to find out!

How Often Should Roomba Brushes Be Changed?

As the iRobot Roomba vacuum cleaner manufacturers recommend, you should change the brushes regularly. As a general rule, the two main Roomba brushes should be changed every six to twelve months. The regularity of how often you replace the brushes is usually dependent on the model/series of the Roomba vacuum, as well as the workload that the series is subjected to. Failing to replace the Roomba brushes from time to time can negatively impact the cleaning performance of the vacuum cleaner. Therefore, unless you want to continue working with a poor quality vacuum cleaner, it is always a good idea to replace the Roomba brushes on a regular basis.

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Why Should You Replace Roomba Brushes?

Each Roomba vacuum incorporates two types of brushes: roller brushes that are usually built at the vacuum’s center and a side brush. Both types of brushes are subject to wear and tear overtime. For example, the roller brushes tend to develop less and less grip overtime, while the side brushes lose more hairs as they are used.

When Roomba brushes wear out, they reduce the cleaning performance of the vacuum. For example, the Roomba may begin vacuuming less dirt from the edges to the suction mouth, in turn leaving more dirt and debris around the room. When this happens, the vacuum start doing its job less effectively, making it an unnecessary addition to a home.

However, ensuring the optimal performance of your robot vacuum cleaner is not the only reason you should replace the Roomba brushes regularly. When the brushes are not replaced, it may also cause damage to your floor. For example, a worn-out side brush that has fewer bristles at the ends could lead to scratching on the floor. Hence, replacing it not only ensures good suction performance, but also protects the floor from damage.

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Here are four reasons why you should replace your Roomba brushes from time to time:

  • Increases the longevity of the vacuum cleaner.
  • Ensures good suction performance.
  • It may impact the battery life of the Roomba vacuum positively.
  • Reduce the risk of damage to sensitive floors.


How to Replace the Roomba Brushes

Fortunately, replacing Roomba brushes is not a difficult task. Since the process does not require any expertise or technical knowledge, anyone can replace the Roomba brushes themselves. This saves you the hustle of having to call for a professional and paying them for their services.

Consider how you can easily replace each of the two types of Roomba brushes: the side brush and the brush rollers:


A. How to Replace the Roomba Side Brush

Roomba brushes vary according to each Roomba series. Therefore, before you can choose a new side brush to replace your old worn-out brush, you should cross-check and make sure that you buy the right one for your specific Roomba model.



  • A standard screwdriver (Alternatively, you can use a small coin).
  • A new side brush



1. Place your Roomba vacuum gently in an upside down position. Using the screwdriver, unscrew the side brush and slide it off the Roomba.

2. Attach the new side brush to the Roomba vacuum. Screw it tightly into place using the standard screwdriver.

3. Place the Roomba vacuum on its charging station. Recharging the vacuum helps to reactivate it.



When tightening and unscrewing the Roomba side brush, it is recommended that you hold it with your other hand. Holding the brush in such a manner prevents the side brush from continuing to rotate during screwing or tightening.

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B. How to Replace the Roomba Brush Rollers

Just like with Roomba side brushes, you should make sure that you choose the right roller brush for your specific Roomba model. And the best part about replacing the Roomba brush rollers is that you do not need any materials for this process.



1. Place the vacuum cleaner on a soft surface in an upside down position.

2. Click the “open the cover” button located at the Roomba’s left side and lift it up. Then, lift the two brushes out of the Roomba.

3. Press the new multi-surface rubber brush rollers into the Roomba. Then, click the flap back down to reinstall them tightly in place.



To ensure that your Roomba cleans the house as expected, you need to replace the brushes regularly. And now that you know how often Roomba brushes should be changed, make it your goal to always replace them every 6 to 12 months.

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