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During the cold winter months, drying clothes can become quite a hustle. Most people wonder, should you leave the window open when drying clothes during these blustery months? I mean, drying the clothes outside is not an option, since the snow, rain or high moisture outside only works to delay the drying process. And when it comes to drying the clothes indoors (which is the only option you have left), there might not be enough air or heat to dry the clothes quickly.

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This is why most people opt to leave the windows open when drying clothes indoors on radiators and racks. However, the big question is, does leaving the windows open actually make drying clothes easier and faster? In this article, we discuss whether you should leave your home’s windows open when drying clothes. Read on, also, to learn about other additional tips that can help you achieve a faster drying process during the cold autumn and winter months!

Should You Leave Window Open When Drying Clothes?

When drying clothes indoors, it is recommended that you leave the windows open. Why? This is because wet clothes hung inside usually lead to increased moisture in the house, which could result to the development of musty odors and smells. However, when the windows are opened, it allows enough fresh air to flow freely from outside to the inside of the house. And when the airflow is increased, it prevents the accumulation of moisture inside the rooms, keeping them smelling fresh and pleasant at all times. Besides, keeping the windows open when drying clothes helps to prevent any moisture damage that would’ve been caused by the damp laundry drying inside.

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Additional Tips for Drying Clothes Indoors

If you want to dry your clothes faster during the cold months, you would do well to leave the windows open. However, the major downside about this strategy is that you can’t keep the windows open for too long. After all, leaving the windows open means entry of cold air into the room, which would not only make it uncomfortable but also increase the risk of developing health issues, especially for those suffering from conditions such as asthma or allergies.

Therefore, rather than keep your windows open 24/7 when drying clothes indoors, it would be best to alternate opening the windows with other methods for drying clothes. Consider these 7 practical tips that can help you dry clothes quickly indoors:


1. Use a Heated Clothes Airer

Heated clothes airers are mainly used to dry clothes conveniently, regardless of the current weather or climate. They are usually fitted with heated bars that warm all the sections of the cloth that they come into contact with. Warming clothes helps to speed up their drying process.

The best thing about heated clothes airers is that they can hold a lot of laundry, even loads of up to 10kg and more. This makes them very convenient to use, especially on cold days when drying takes days or for busy times.


2. Invest in a Dehumidifier

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Hanging damp clothes inside the house increases moisture in the rooms, in turn creating condensation and leading to the development of mold. A dehumidifier is specifically designed to take excess moisture and condensation out of the air in the rooms. And when placed near the hanging racks, the appliance can actually speed up the drying time, such that your clothes dry within just a few hours even in winter days. What’s even better, dehumidifier promote a healthier indoor environment by keeping the air fresh and mold-free.

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3. Avoid Overfilling Your Washing Machine

No matter how tempting it may be, you should never overfill your washing machine just to finish doing laundry quickly. Not only does overfilling the machine lead to poor washing of clothes, but it also causes them to come out with more dampness and creases.

Therefore, if you want to achieve a faster drying process, fill your washing machine to a reasonable capacity. This allows enough room within the machine for clothes to move around freely, ensuring that they dry as much as possible. And when clothes come out of the washing machine with less dampness, it becomes easier to dry them even indoors.


4. Carry Out an Extra Spin Cycle

After washing your clothes and drying them in your washer and dryer, do an extra spin. This is especially important for heavy items, such as towels, blankets and jeans. For the extra spin, choose a high-level spin cycle to remove as much water as possible and speed up the drying process. Also, when putting the clothes back in the dryer, make sure to shake and rotate them when drying to prevent them from stiffening.



Regardless of what weather or climate you are experiencing, rest assured that you can always dry your clothes conveniently. During the cold months, Should You Leave Window Open When Drying Clothes indoor? When you do so, as well as follow the four suggested tips above, you will ensure that your clothes dry faster and keep the environment in your home always fresh and pleasant!

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