This is a question that most people ask, ‘Is a square shower head better than round?’ And you most probably are wondering the same thing. I mean, you want a relaxing and beautiful shower experience. Yet, with all the different sizes, features, and shapes of shower heads, it can be quite challenging to determine which particular type of shower head will provide you with such a good experience.

Square Shower Head

Both the square and round shower heads fall under the category of rainfall shower heads. They deliver water in a similar way, providing you with a spa-like experience every day. To determine which shape would be ideal for you, consider the bathroom’s overall design. If yours is a modern style, minimalist bathroom, it would best fit a square or angular shower head.


On the other hand, if your bathroom has a traditional design, a round shower head would look more appropriate. Similarly, a square shower head would stand out in bathrooms with rounded sinks, baths, and soft edges, while a round shower head would blend perfectly in such a bathroom.


Is a Square Shower Head Better Than Round?


While both square and round deliver water in a similar way, they provide different experiences. Square shower heads are considered better than round shower heads. This is because square heads have nozzles set in rows, a better arrangement that allows water to fall straight down. Therefore, they provide an even and natural shower experience that mimics rainfall. On the contrary, round shower heads have nozzles organized in circles and provide a traditional spray shower experience that is less refreshing than angular shower heads.

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What are the Different Shower Head Styles?

The right style of your shower head can transform your bathroom into an elegant space that brings out your taste and personal style. Besides, different shower head styles coordinate differently with modern, traditional, and transitional bathrooms. This is why it is important to know the different styles of shower heads and which would be ideal for your bathroom space.

The most versatile and style-wise shower heads you can find in the market are the round and oval heads. These styles bring about an elegant and modern feel to any bathroom that they are added.

On the other hand, square shower heads are the most preferred of all other types. Their wide, flat shape and nozzles deliver a rainfall shower experience better than that provided by other types of shower heads. Besides, these types of shower heads feature clear lines, which make them ideal for contemporary bathrooms.

Rectangular shower heads are also similar to square heads in that they bring out a modern look and deliver a rainfall shower experience. Furthermore, there are irregular-shaped shower heads which are ideal for custom projects. Not only do the irregular shower heads add a sense of personality and charm to your bathroom, but they also bring out visual interest.


How to Find the Right Size of a Shower Head?

When choosing the type of shower head to buy, most people tend to overlook one crucial feature: size. Yet, the size of your shower head greatly determines the kind of shower experience that you will have.

Most rainfall shower heads are designed in sizes ranging from 6-10 inches. The ideal size of your shower head mostly depends on your home usage and your taste or preferences. The larger the shower head, the larger the area of “rain” it provides for your shower, and vice versa.

However, if your shower has bad water pressure, a larger-sized shower head with more nozzles would only worsen the problem. On the contrary, smaller shower heads provide more pressure in such cases due to their reduced number of nozzles.


Below are other different types of shower heads that you can buy and their respective sizes:

  • Single head – This type of shower head size usually depends on the brand. However, most single heads are made in sizes ranging from 5 inches to 2 feet.
  • Dual head – These are also referred to as wall mounters. And while the sizes depend on each model, they come in average sizes of 3-6 inches.
  • Combination – The main advantage of these shower heads is that they are compatible with numerous faucet fixtures, such as massaging features, bathtubs, and under-sink features. Their sizes range from 5-9 inches.


Installing a Shower Head

There are two different ways of installing a shower head: wall mounting and ceiling mounting. With wall mounting, the shower heads are extended directly from the wall through a flange or an arm. The shower arms also come in different styles, from standard to offset and extended.

Standard shower arms usually extend from the wall in a straightforward design, making a downward angle. Offset arms extend from the wall, curving upwards. They tend to have a unique shapely design that makes your bathroom stand out while giving you additional headroom for rinsing. On the other hand, extended shower arms feature a separate arm that attaches to the arm, providing a rainfall experience.

As for ceiling mounting, the shower heads hang directly over the head. Since they are installed from the ceiling, the shower heads allow water to flow evenly over the body. However, ceiling mount shower heads involve a more intensive installation process than wall mount shower heads.


Shower Head Materials and Finishes

Shower heads, including square and round heads, come in different materials and finishes. The material you choose should not only be highly durable but also complement well with your bathroom space. Here are the three main materials used to make shower heads:

  • Brass – Shower heads made of brass are of the highest quality and durability. The material is highly resistant to rust and corrosion and rarely requires replacing.
  • Stainless steel – This material is very easy to clean. It is resistant to stains and rusting and maintains its luster over time, even when exposed to extreme temperatures.
  • Porcelain – If you want a vintage-style bathroom, you will do well to get a porcelain shower head. This material is ideal for custom makeovers and a classic look to bathrooms.



So is a square shower head better than round? Yes! A square shower head provides a much better rainfall experience than the latter. Even so, other angular shower heads provide a beautiful shower experience. Hence, if you are contemplating changing your shower head, you would do well to put rainfall shower heads at the top of your list; they are worth every penny you spend!

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