Getting new things is always exciting, especially when you’ve just purchased something that you know you’ll use a lot. And appliances are one of those things, for instance, getting a new washing machine can be like an early Christmas for adults that have a lot of laundry to do.

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But you want to make sure to do right by your new item, and treat it well so that it lasts a while. That’s why it’s important to know all the protocols for your new washing machine. And it’s also why we’ll be discussing the answer to the question, “should I run my new washing machine before using it?”

And we’ll be talking about some other common questions you might have if you’re getting a new washing machine, by the end you should be all set to welcome your new appliance home.


Should I Run My New Washing Machine Before Using It?

Although you don’t have to wash an empty load in your new washing machine, it’s recommended that you do it for the sake of keeping your clothes safe. As with anything that’s new, malfunctions could happen and you don’t want any of your clothing in there if something does happen. Plus, new washing machines can be dirty and running an empty load first could help clean it out.

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What’s The First Thing I Should Do When I Get A New Washing Machine?

But even if you should run a new washing machine before you use it, is that literally the first thing you should do? The answer is no, there are a few other steps you need to take before you can run your new machine at all. Here are some tips for the installation…

  1. You’ll have to start by removing the transit bar and bolts that new washing machines come with, these are meant to support the drum of the machine while it’s in transit but they can end up damaging it if you run the machine while they’re still attached.
  2. Next, you can put the washing machine it its new place and attach all the necessary plumbing. A plumber can do this for you, but many people choose to do it themselves because it’s a fairly simple process.
  3. And the last thing you should do before you run your new washing machine is make sure it’s registered for its warranty. Like we mentioned, it could malfunction or be damaged during the very first cycle and you want to be covered by your one-year warranty if it does. But you can only do so after it’s been registered.

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Can You Run A New Washing Machine As Soon As It’s Installed?

Assuming that you’ve completed all the steps we’ve mentioned above and you’re about to run the new machine with no laundry included, then yes you should be able to run your washing machine as soon as it’s installed and you’re ready for the first cycle.

And because we haven’t mentioned it before, in most cases, after the first empty cycle is run you should be able to wash a load of laundry safely. Unless you notice something is wrong or dirty in the new washer.


Is It Normal For A New Washing Machine To Smell?

The tricky part of testing out a new appliance can sometimes be that you don’t know what’s normal and what’s not. With washing machines, a lot of people complain of strange smells coming from their new units when they run their first loads of laundry. But rest easy, most of the time the smells don’t signal that anything is wrong.

In fact, you can expect the new washer smell to stick around for about 10 to 20 full cycles. The odor will probably resemble a burning smell, plastic smell, rubber smell, or a fishy odor but it’s only caused by the new materials in the washer heating up for the first time.

So although it can feel alarming, there’s probably nothing wrong with your machine because these smells are pretty standard.

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How Can I Get Rid Of The New Smell In My Washing Machine?

But what if the smell is just too much for you and you feel that you need to get rid of it? Is there a remedy? Unfortunately, there’s not much that will cure this new washing machine smell other than time. Within about 10 to 20 cycles or in about a month after getting your new appliance, the smell should start to subside.

The only thing that you can try, but it isn’t guaranteed to work, is run one or more cleaning cycles with very hot water and no clothes inside. This will waste a lot of water, but you can try it if you want to.

And sometimes there will be a specific cycle that’s designed for maintenance, this one is ideal for getting rid of the new smell if it’s included.



So, “Should I Run My New Washing Machine Before I Use It?”

Yes, you should always make sure to run at least one cycle without clothes in a new machine to ensure that everything is working properly and your clothing won’t be damaged.

And hopefully this article informed you of other information regarding new washing machines as well, so you know exactly what to expect and do when you get your new appliance. Enjoy!

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