Finding extra space in small rooms can sometimes be the only way that we can achieve extra storage, decorate the area, or just have more room to complete the tasks that need to be done in that room.


In our laundry rooms or laundry spaces, this can be even more difficult. So it’s important to find space where we can. This is why a lot of people ask the question…”Can I Put a Countertop on Top of my Washer And Dryer”?

So can you do that? And if so, how is it best to do it? Let’s find out the answers now shall we?

Can I Put a Countertop on Top of my Washer And Dryer?

Yes, you can absolutely place a counter top above your washer and dryer as long as your washer is front-loading and not top-loading! And having a counter top in your laundry room can be extremely helpful and provide you with extra storage space as well. Plus, there are many options for how you can do this safely and what materials to use to get the best result so there’s plenty of room for personalizing this home improvement project.

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Would A Butcher Block Countertop Look Good In My Laundry Room?

Yes, butcher block counter tops have risen in popularity recently and for good reason, they look good almost everywhere and this includes laundry rooms. And if your laundry space is in your kitchen then you could consider having butcher block counter tops on your washer and dryer and in the rest of the kitchen for a farmhouse look!

One great idea featuring butcher blocks is to create a sort of case around your washer and dryer that would surround them and hide any unsightly pipes and cords from view. This idea could work with a lot of materials but would look best if it was executed with butcher blocks.


What Are Good Materials To Use For A Laundry Room Countertop?

Although butcher blocks are probably the most popular and trendy option for building a counter above your washer and dryer, there are other options out there if you’d like to try something different instead.

Typically, what you want to look for in terms of materials is something stain resistant and easy to clean, because this counter top will probably endure a lot of dirt, grime, and laundry detergent spills. Other than this, just to try to choose a material that would look good with the rest of your laundry space.

Other types of wood are always a good option, engineered quartz is nice for stain-resistance, or you could even go with metal if it matches the rest of your aesthetic!

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How Heavy Can a Countertop On Top Of My Washer and Dryer Be?

The answer to this question is that although a washer and dryer can handle a substantial amount of weight from regular objects being placed on them… they probably couldn’t handle the weight of a whole counter top resting on them without breaking or being damaged. Plus, it wouldn’t really be safe or stable either.

But the easy solution to this is… bracing!

There are several bracing methods you can use in this situation, and it really comes down to how you want your counter top to look. Most people will probably choose to use L-brackets attached to the wall, place the counter top above those, and slide the washer and dryer back under.

Others might choose to build more of a table that will sit over the washer and dryer, therefore making a counter.


What Can You Put On Top Of A Laundry Room Countertop?

The possibilities for what you can do with your laundry room counter top are pretty much endless. You could use it for storage, an area to fold your clothes, or if you’re so inclined you could even use it for both!

As far as storage goes, you could buy organizers, decorative bins to place things in, or just leave them out in the open. But organizers and bins can be a great way to decorate your laundry space depending on what kind you choose.

You can keep all of your important laundry related items right there by your washer and dryer. Think about things like laundry baskets, laundry detergent, stain remover, fabric softeners, etc. This makes the entire laundry process a bit more convenient.

And this rather large area is also perfect for folding clean clothes before you transport them to the rest of the house! It also leaves you with plenty of room to perform maintenance on clothes, you could apply stain remover here, or even iron your clothes on the surface!

A top tip would be to get a few decorative signs or other decorations to place around the counter top, cute sayings, some fun pictures, a small succulent. Just really think about how you could spruce up the area and brighten up your laundry space!


How Can You Clean Countertops On Top Of Your Washer And Dryer?

In general, you can clean your laundry room counter tops with almost anything that you would use for the other counter tops in your home. Depending on the material you use for this counter top, you might have to use slightly more gentle cleaners than you normally would but that’s the only exception!

You can’t go wrong with some soap and warm water applied with a soft cloth, but you could use harsher cleaning liquids if you desire or if you’ve got a larger mess to clean up. And if you don’t choose a stain resistant material to build your counter tops out of then you might need to occasionally use some stain remover on the surface.


In Conclusion!

So basically, when it comes to the all-important home renovation question of “Can I Put A Countertop On Top Of My Washer And Dryer”, the answer is yes! And if it’s something that fits in your home, and you have the time to do it then it’s something that we strongly suggest you try out.

Laundry rooms can be such cramped spaces with very little room to work and even less storage space, so anything that will give you both of those things is a win win in our book!


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