So you want to know, “Does The Size of Shower Head Affect Pressure“? Low pressure in the shower is a common issue in most shower rooms. Not only does such low pressure make showering difficult, but it also makes it very unpleasant and less relaxing. Therefore, unless you want to experience a poor showering experience in your life, you need to learn what really causes low pressure in the shower, as well as how to fix it.

Most people attribute low pressure in the shower with large shower heads. They believe that shower heads with larger sizes provide low pressure, while smaller shower heads provide higher pressure due to their reduced holes. However, this is not really the case.

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Does The Size of Shower Head Affect Pressure?

The size of the shower head does not affect the pressure of the water that flows out of it. Rather, any changes in water pressure can be attributed to the design of the shower head, and not its size. After all, water pressure can only increase or decrease if the total water volume is pressurized. For example, if a small shower head has a design that relieves pressure of water from the chamber, it would result to less water pressure. Similarly, larger-sized shower heads with pressurized chamber designs provide a good amount of pressure during showering.


What Should the Water Pressure in My Home be?

The amount of water pressure from your shower head can greatly impact your showering experience; pressure that is either too low or too high makes showering an unpleasant experience. But what exactly is the ideal amount of water pressure in your home?

Well, water pressure should always fall between 40 psi (pounds per square inch) to 60 psi. Water pressure that falls below 40 psi is considered too low while that which falls above 80 psi is considered too high.


Do Different Shower Heads Affect Water Pressure?

Different shower heads may offer either a similar or different water pressure experience. Water pressure is affected only if the shower heads have varying internal designs. Otherwise, if the shower heads have a similar internal design, they will offer the same performance regardless of whether they are mounted differently or have different sizes.

Different internal designs of the shower head affects water pressure because they offer different flow rates. Take for instance, the rainfall shower head. While the outlet direction of this shower head may make it seem like it has low pressure, it provides a great amount of water pressure. The high market listing of the rainfall shower head is proof of its great quality and high pressure.

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Which Is The Best Shower Head For High Pressure?

To help you choose the best shower head for pressure, you first need to understand how water pressure is created. Water pressure in the shower is created by maintaining volume ratio between the outlet and the inlet. If you are using a standard shower head, then the rate of water flow in the supply line should very high to ensure enough water pressure from the shower head.


However, high-pressure shower heads are highly recommended since they provide a good flow rate, even with low-pressure supply lines. These shower heads usually feature a pressurized chamber design that has multiple spray settings. Their settings make it possible for the shower head to deliver a high-volume flow rate, regardless of whether the water supply line is low-pressure or high-pressure.


Therefore, if you are the looking to buy the best shower head for high pressure, choose a high-pressure shower head with a pressurized chamber design, multiple spray settings, good aeration and a pressurized nozzle.

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Tips to Increase Your Shower Pressure

Problems with water pressure may occur due to the shower head design or a low water supply chain to the building. Regardless of what is causing water pressure issues, you can still alleviate the problem. Here are five tips that can help you improve the pressure in your shower:


  • Shower at odd times – Water pressure in the shower is also affected by the overall usage of water in your home. If other parts of your home are also using water, such as in the kitchen or the laundry room, it could result to low water pressure in the shower. Therefore, it is advisable that you shower at odd times, especially when water is less likely being used in other parts of your home.


  • Clean your shower head – Shower heads tend to get dirty or clogged with mineral deposits from time to time. Therefore, cleaning these with simple household ingredients can help to unclog the nozzles, ensuring good flow rate in the shower.


  • Re-adjust the shower head attachment – Low pressure in the shower could also be due to a leakage near the shower head. If you notice any leaking, unscrew the shower head and re-adjust it, ensuring that it seals completely. If there is not Teflon tape already applied around the shower arms’ threads, add it to create an improved seal.


  • Replace your shower head – Sometimes, cleaning the shower head and unclogging the nozzles might not solve the problem. When this happens, it could mean that you need to get a new shower head, preferably one that increases the velocity of the shower in low-pressure water supply chains.


  • Remove the shower head flow restrictor – As their name suggests, flow restrictors work by controlling the amount of water that flows out of them. Therefore, if need more pressure in the shower but your shower head has such a restrictor, consider removing it. However, remember that removing the flow restrictor could mean more water usage on your part and increased water bills.



So in summary, “Does The Size Of Shower Head Affect Pressure”? Not at all! The size of the shower head has little to zero effect on the pressure of the water. Rather, water pressure is mainly affected by the design or shape of the shower head, which in turn influence the volume and flow rate or water. Therefore, when choosing a shower head, make sure to put more emphasis on the design, and not on the size of the shower head.

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