“A place for everything, everything in its place”, was a great quote that many people who have a passion for cleanliness and organization still use today. If everything is in its designated spot then it’s easier to find, the area looks neater, the list of benefits could go on and on.

Laundry Basket


But one area of the home that tends to get a little out of sorts is the laundry room, and certain objects in it aren’t always kept in their place. Sometimes people don’t even know what that place should be. And that brings us to today’s topic… where is the best place to put your laundry basket… and should it be in your laundry room at all?

So let’s find the answer to this question shall we?


Where Is The Best Place To Put Your Laundry Basket?

Arguably, the best place to store your laundry basket is probably also the most obvious place, the laundry room. Within the laundry room, or laundry space if you don’t have a dedicated room, are plenty of convenient places to keep your laundry basket when it isn’t in use. And it’ll be right there when you need it, which is very convenient.

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What Are Some Benefits Of Keeping Your Laundry Basket In The Laundry Room?

  • Benefit #1 – The dirty clothes are right there in the laundry room when you need to clean them instead of you having to carry them to the room load by load from different areas of the house.
  • Benefit #2 – In order to prevent dirty clothes from piling up in your bedroom or bathroom, keeping your laundry basket in the laundry room will force you to be proactive and take your laundry to the basket every time you dirty a piece of clothing. This will help you keep a closer eye on it, and you’re less likely to let it pile up before you do a load.
  • Benefit #3 – You’re improving the aesthetic of rooms where you might’ve kept the laundry basket, and saving space in them as well, by having your basket stored away in a less desirable room such as the laundry room.

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Aside From The Laundry Room, Where Are Good Spots To Keep Your Laundry Basket?

But if you’ve read through that list of benefits but still think that keeping your laundry basket in the laundry room isn’t for you, then here are some other great places to store it.

Firstly, you could store your laundry basket in your bathroom. For those that have linen closets adjoining their bathroom, this could be an ideal spot within the bathroom area. And for those that don’t, you could still keep your basket in the bathroom. You might just have to size it down depending on how small your bathroom is.

Secondly, you could place your laundry basket in your bedroom. For this option, you’ll need a separate basket for everyone in your home but that’s advisable anyway. You can either put the laundry basket somewhere in the bedroom itself, or store it away in each bedroom’s closet which could promote more privacy.


What Are The Benefits Of Keeping Your Laundry Basket In Rooms Other Than The Laundry Room?

  • The basket is near the shower/bath where most people undress before bathing, so it’s a convenient spot and you don’t have to just throw your clothes on the ground.
  • It’s not in a room of the house that is preferred to be aesthetic so you don’t have to worry about it not looking natural or messing up the flow of the room.
  • If multiple members of a house share the same bathroom then you wouldn’t have to have separate laundry baskets if you didn’t want to since the basket would be centralized for multiple people’s use.


Bedroom/Bedroom Closet
  • This is another common place that people get undressed, so it’s yet another convenient placement for your laundry basket. You can put your clothes straight into the basket this way, right after undressing.
  • Messy bedrooms are nobody’s favorites so it’s nice to avoid potential clothing strewn about or lying in piles because you haven’t made a trip to the laundry basket in a while.
  • And if you put the laundry basket in the closet then it can provide you with privacy that you won’t get with any other laundry basket placement.


According To Feng Shui Where Is A Good Place To Keep Your Laundry Basket?

If you’re still not sure where to put your laundry basket, or you believe in the practice of Feng Shui then maybe this section will help…

The rules of Feng Shui suggest that good places for your laundry basket to go would be the laundry room or a shelf in the bathroom. Bad smells are harvesters of bad energy, and these two rooms are ones that are less harmful to harbor that bad energy.

One place that you should never store your laundry basket in is the bedroom, or near the bedroom. This is because you don’t want bad energy anywhere near the place where you go to rest. And furthermore, bad energy in the bedroom can lead to disturbed rest and nightmares according to this practice.


In Conclusion

So hopefully this article has answered the question of “where is the best place to put your laundry basket?”

We’ve shared our tips and the common placements for it, so now it’s up to you to decide where the laundry basket in your home should go. At the end of the day, it’s more about personal preference than anything.

So whichever placement has the best benefits for you, is the one that you should choose.


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