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Kitchen trash cans are not to be underrated. These simple items keep odors under control, helping to keep your kitchen fresh and clean all the time. Also, by keeping all trash contained within the bin, they prevent the spread of bacteria in the kitchen. And the good thing is that the market provides a wide variety of kitchen trash cans to choose from.

However, contrary to what most people presume, you don’t have to spend lots of cash to acquire the best kitchen trash can. Even with a tight budget, you can still acquire a trash bin with good functionality and aesthetic appeal. And one such budget-friendly trash can is the Umbra Grand Swing Top Trash Can. In this article, we discuss what makes this kitchen trash can unique and why you should consider buying it. Read on!


Umbra Grand Swing Top Trash Can Review


If you prefer a trash can with a swing-top design, you would do well to choose the Umbra Grand trash can. The trash can’s lid opens and closes very smoothly. This makes it easy to throw away all the trash in the house and conceal it such that any odors do not seep out.

The swing-top lid comes off easily to allow for liner change or garbage disposal. And the lid fits tightly and securely in place, hiding all the trash away from sight and keeping the kitchen space looking tidy.



With a 13-inch diameter and a 26-inch height, the kitchen trash bin can hold 10 gallons (39 liters) of trash. It can support up to 13 gallons of garbage bags, such as flap-tie and draw-string bags. What’s even better, the kitchen trash can features a sleek, contemporary design that integrates well with any theme and design of the kitchen.


Trash Can Material

The Umbra Grand Swing Top trash can is made of propylene material. Since polypropylene is a lightweight material, the trash bin can be carried easily to the garbage disposal bin and back to the kitchen. Also, polypropylene material is very easy to clean; all you need to do is wipe the trash can with a damp cloth.



Furthermore, the Umbra Grand trash can is sturdy and lasts for many years. Its durability can be attributed to the highly durable polypropylene material used to make it. This is why the kitchen trash bin is ideal for daily use, even in kitchens that are constantly exposed to moisture, dust, and other harsh conditions.

Yet, despite all the advantages that this particular kitchen trash can has to offer, one merit stands out; its budget-friendly price. The kitchen trash can goes for a very affordable price, while not compromising on quality and functionality.



  • When using the Umbra Grand Swing Top trash can, I found it very easy to clean; all I did was wipe it with a damp cloth and it remained sparkling clean all the time.
  • The swing top lid has a smooth opening and closing mechanism.
  • The kitchen trash is affordable; it goes for a relatively lower price than most other bins with similar features.
  • It conceals trash well and keeps it hidden, promoting a cleaner and tidier kitchen environment.
  • The trash can has a lightweight design and can be carried easily around the house and for garbage disposal.



  • The trash can is available in just one color: black.


Frequently Asked Questions


1. What Size of Trash Bins Can Fit in the Bin?

The Umbra Grand Swing Top is best fitted with kitchen trash bags with a capacity of 13 gallons. The good thing about 13-gallon trash bags is that they fit perfectly into the trash bin, without leaving any spaces where spills can occur.


2. How Sturdy is the Plastic Material?

The polypropylene plastic material used to make the kitchen trash can is very sturdy and durable. It is not a soft/pliable plastic that can break easily. Instead, it is a sturdy type of plastic that supports the everyday use of the kitchen trash can without wearing out or breaking easily.


3. Will the Swing Top Lid Form a Strong Grip on the Trash Bag?

Yes, when the lid is placed on the can, it forms a strong grip on the trash bag. The strong grip ensures that the trash bag does not come undone and create a mess. However, to ensure a strong grip, fold the top of the bag over the sides of the trash can and place the lid over it. Doing so ensures that the top of the trash bag is trapped and does not come off easily.



If you are looking to promote a cleaner, fresh-smelling, and healthier environment in your kitchen, then a kitchen trash can is a must-have item. And the good news is, you won’t have to break the bank to afford a good kitchen trash can. After all, even with a tight budget, you can get yourself the Umbra Grand Swing Top Trash Can and still enjoy the same great quality and functionality that other expensive trash bins offer!



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