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Speaking frankly, trash cans are not exactly beautiful items to have in the kitchen space. Not only are they rarely aesthetical, but they are not hygienic as well. However, considering that a trash bin is a must-have item that cannot be replaced with anything, you need to find a way to hide your bin from plain sight.

The best way to conceal your trash can and make it unobtrusive would be to use a pull-out trash can. This unique design of trash cans keeps it out of sight, and also offers great practicality; two aspects that make it the best kitchen trash can design to go for. In this article, we discuss the best pull-out kitchen trash can and what it has to offer: The Simplehuman Under-Counter Pull-Out Trash Can. Let’s get started!

Simplehuman Under-Counter Pull-Out Trash Can Review

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The Simplehuman pull-out trash can measures 20″ × 19″ × 10″. It is mostly recommended for use in kitchens that are tight in floor space since the trash bin snugs perfectly under the sink. Also, it is an ideal option for homeowners who prefer their trash cans hidden away from plain sight.


Bin Functions

The pull-out trash bin is built with a highly durable and sturdy metal frame that does not wobble. It also features a high-quality, smooth-gliding track. Both the track and frame come pre-assembled, only requiring a very simple and quick installation process. For instance, you will only need eight screws to fix the track of the trash bin onto the base of the kitchen cupboard. This is contrary to most other pull-out trash cans which require lengthy and tedious assembling/installation processes.


This kitchen trash can glide very smoothly on the track. This makes tossing trash into the can easy and simple. Also, the track has high stability and can comfortably hold bulkier weights of trash. In fact, the track can support the trash can firmly even when it is filled.


To make it easy to carry, the Simplehuman Under-Counter trash bin is designed with a wide handle. The handle provides a comfortable and convenient surface to hold when carrying the trash bin around the house or for emptying the garbage. Also, it comes with an 8-gallon plastic bucket which can be removed easily for cleaning. The bucket can accommodate drawstring trash bags of 10-13 gallons.


However, the Simplehuman Under-Counter trash can does not include a lid. Therefore, users are required to take out the trash and empty the bin more frequently. Otherwise, failing to take out trash frequently could lead to unwanted odors and fruit flies in the kitchen.



  • The Simplehuman Under-Counter trash bin comes with a 5-year warranty which guarantees its high quality.
  • The trash can is highly durable and can be used in tough kitchen environments daily.
  • The installation process is simple and takes a few minutes.
  • The custom-fit liners keep trash bags secured tightly in place and prevent any spills or mess in the kitchen trash can.
  • The steel handle makes it easy to carry and move around.



  • With a capacity of 8 gallons, the pull-out trash can is only ideal for small households and kitchen spaces.
  • Since the Simplehuman trash can does not have a lid, it is more prone to developing trash odors that can make the kitchen smelly and unhygienic.


Frequently Asked Questions


1. What Type of Trash Bags Can I Use in the Trash Can?

The good thing about the Simplehuman Under-Counter Pull-Out trash can is that it can be used with other types of trash bags apart from the Simplehuman bags. For example, you can safely use the standard generic plastic bags without having to worry about any spills. Using the regular bags would save you a lot of cash that you would’ve spent buying the pricey Superhuman bags.


2. What Minimum Cabinet Size Can Accommodate the Simplehuman Under-Counter Bin?

For your Simplehuman Under-Counter Pull-Out kitchen trash can to fit snugly in your cabinet, you need a minimum cabinet size of 20 inches (depth) by 20 inches (height) by 10 inches (width).


3. How Can You Prevent Trash Smells and Odors from the Can?

The under-counter pull-out kitchen trash can does not come with a lid. This makes it prone to developing trash odors and unwanted smells. To prevent these, it is advisable to take out the trash daily, even 1-2 times a day if you tend to fill up the trash can quickly. Alternatively, you can consider incorporating trash liners with in-built deodorant.


4. How Many Trash Bins Are Included in the Can?

The Simplehuman Under-Counter trash can offers two trash bins. You can use one big for keeping trash while the other for recycling.



Are you looking to free up more space in your kitchen? Get yourself the best pull-out kitchen trash can: The Simplehuman Under-Counter Pull-Out Trash Can. This under-counter model keeps the bin tucked out of the way so that you not only maximize floor space but also keep your kitchen looking elegant and tidy.




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