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With the great advancements made in technology, almost everything is now upgraded to become smart and digitalized. And one such item that has not been left behind is the trash can. Long gone are those days when trash cans were just simple plastic or steel bins. Nowadays, motor sensor kitchen trash cans that do not require the use of hands or feet have been developed, completely revolutionizing the kitchen space.


However, this smart technology is not clearly understood by many people. And with the limited knowledge of sensor trash cans, it might be quite difficult to know what best touchless trash can to go for. Considering this fact, we have done all the research for you and identified the best touchless kitchen trash can with a sensor: The iTouchless Automatic Trash Can. Why should consider purchasing this specific motion sensor trash can? Read on to find out!


iTouchless Automatic Trash Can Review


The iTouchless Automatic trash can measures 12.75″ by 10.75″ by 27.88″. It incorporates a motion sensor which makes it possible to open the trash can lid with a touch-free operation. In other words, you do not need to use your hands or step on a pedal to open the lid; the lid uses infrared rays to sense any motion and opens when you are within six inches. And when you walk away, the lid closes gently without banging.


Benefits of this Trash Can:

The automatic trash can be set such that the lid remains open for a while. This would be very convenient in cases where the user wishes to dispose of more trash for a couple of rounds. And with a standard capacity of 13 gallons, the kitchen trash can is ideal for use in both smaller and larger households.

The iTouchless motion sensor trash can is fitted with an activated carbon filter. This filter works to eliminate any foul trash odors, keeping the kitchen and entire household clean and fresh. Also, the carbon can be removed easily for replacement. For optimal performance, you are recommended to change the carbon filter of your trash can once every three months.


Batteries and Battery Life:

Contrary to other kitchen trash cans, the iTouchless Automatic trash can is powered by four D batteries. And when compared with other sensor cans, the iTouchless batteries have 3 times more power and battery life. Therefore, when you use the kitchen trash can daily, you can expect to change the batteries every one or two years. Still, the motion sensor trash can be charged in a wall outlet using its specific AC adapter.


Material and Design:

The trash can is built using stainless steel material. The stainless steel surface is resistant to fingerprints and smudges, making it easy to clean and maintain the trash can. Also, the kitchen trash bin features a modern design that complements well with all kitchen spaces, regardless of their size and design. And the rectangular shape of the trash can fits well in corners and tight spaces, saving a lot of kitchen floor space.



  • The kitchen trash can has a touch-free mechanism; it does not require hands or feet to open the lid.
  • Due to its hands-free opening mechanism, the trash bin can be considered as being hygienic.
  • It comes in a variety of shapes.
  • The carbon filter neutralizes bad odors and keeps the kitchen fresh.
  • It has an extra-long battery life, with the batteries lasting for approximately 1.5 years or more.



  • The iTouchless Automatic trash can requires batteries to operate.
  • The kitchen trash can package does not include filters and the AC adapter; buying these separately would result in additional costs.


Frequently Asked Questions


1. Will the iTouchless Automatic Trash Can Lid Close on My Hand?

No, the lid of the motion sensor trash can will not close on your hand at any time. The iTouchless bin is designed with a unique Reflx Technology that re-opens the lid automatically whenever it senses the hand moving back in.

So if you forgot to throw some trash and choose to do so while the trash can is closing, you don’t have to worry about it closing on your hand. Instead, it will automatically reopen to allow you to toss the trash.


2. What is the Lid Status Alert Feature?

The iTouchless trash can lid has a status alert feature that notifies you when it is about to close; it remains a solid green when the lid has been set in the “Stay Open” mode. On the other hand, it blinks red to indicate that it is about to close.



The world is evolving at a fast pace, and you don’t want to be left behind. Turn your home into a smart and digitalized space by adding the best touchless kitchen trash can with a sensor: The iTouchless Automatic Trash Can. This trendy motion sensor trash can will undoubtedly make your life much simpler and turn your kitchen into a more hygienic space than ever before.



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