The 7 Best Plastic Storage Bins in 2022

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Do you struggle to organize your home or keeping it tidy? Well, all you need are the best plastic storage bins. These plastic containers can come to your rescue when it comes to organizing all the mess in your home. Not only do they make it easier to arrange all your stuff, but they also keep all your belongings safely without damaging or spoiling them.

However, it is not just any plastic storage box that will give your home a clean, tidy and eye-catching appeal. How can you tell which plastic storage bins will be ideal for your home, garage or any other living space? In this article, we discuss the factors you need to consider when buying storage bins, as well as the top seven recommended bins for storage. Read on!


Buying Guide For Plastic Storage Bins

Before buying any plastic storage bin for your home, consider the following 5 key factors to help you choose the best item:


A. Weight and Size

The plastic storage bin you choose should be easy to carry and transport. Do not go for a tote that will be difficult to store or move across the room; choose one that will be light enough to carry and relocate. In addition, the storage bin size should be able to provide enough storage space for all your items.


B. Portability

The best plastic storage bins feature handles and lids in their structure. Handles provide a firm place to grip, making it safe and easy to carry or move the containers. Also, lids (especially the snap-tight lids) help to keep all the items in the containers, so that they do not spill or fall off.


C. Design

Plastic storage bins come in a wide range of designs, shapes and styles. The design that you go for should not only suit your preferences, but also complement your living space, garage or any other space into which you place it. Furthermore, the design should allow for stacking of the bins, so that you can save on space or even fit the bins into small spaces.


D. Availability

Of course, you want to buy a plastic storage bin that are easy to find in the market. After all, these containers break or get damaged from time to time, forcing you to replace them. Therefore, always choose a type of bin that you can find quite easily in case it breaks, or when you simply want a new bin to add to your existing stack of containers.


E. Purpose

What do you intend to store in your plastic bins? If you are looking for a safe place to store clothes, garage items and heavy products, you would do well to choose a larger-sized bin made of durable material. On the other hand, choose clear, well-ventilated bins for storing groceries, such as fruits and vegetables.


How Do I Maintain My Plastic Storage Bin?

For your plastic storage bin to last longer, you need to clean it regularly. Simply add the containers in lukewarm water, add some detergent and soak for 10-15 minutes. Also, avoid leaving the containers out in the sun for so long. Doing so would cause their color to fade off faster.


The Top 7 Best Plastic Storage Bins

There are hundreds of companies that sell plastic storage bins out there, while each of the companies claims to offer the best-quality, highly durable containers, only few of these actually do.

If you are looking to buy the best bins that will serve you for long, consider the following 7 best plastic storage bins recommended by experts:


Best Budget: – Iris USA 32QT Plastic Storage Bin Tote

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The Iris USA 32QT bin tote has an ergonomic design. It features high-quality latches and handles that make it easy to carry and move around. The plastic bin has a very sturdy, anti-break construction, which makes it ideal for storing both lightweight and heavy items.

Iris USA bin totes are easily stackable; this makes them convenient for tight or confined spaces with limited storage. What’s even better, they are clear and transparent, such that you can clearly see what is stored inside. And in addition to all the features that it provides, the USA 32QT bin goes for an affordable, budget-friendly price.


Best Clear/Transparent: – Iris Weathertight Storage Box, 62 Quart

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The Iris Weathertight Storage Box is a tight-sealing, clear plastic bin. It is designed with a lid that features a foam gasket, as well as several extra latches on the edges. The lid helps to keep all the items contained safely in the bin, while the latches help to keep the lid in place.

Compared with most plastic storage bins, the Iris Weathertight bins have straighter sides. This characteristic, adding to the fact that they are stackable, makes them ideal for use in small spaces since they maximize interior space.


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Best Bin for Garages, Basements, and Attics: – Rubbermaid Roughneck Storage Totes

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Which is the Best Tote for the Basement?

Since the basement is usually prone to moisture, choose a storage bin that is moisture-resistant. Also, for better organization, you would rather opt for a series of small, stackable containers than larger, oversized bins. This is because larger bins are usually prone to over-packing, which leads to clutter and disorganization.

This is we recommend is one of the most heavy-duty and highly durable plastic storage bins you can find on the market. Not only is the Rubbermaid Roughneck tote impact-resistant, but it can also endure temperatures as high as 110°F.

Besides, the bins are designed with stay-tight lids that prevent any moisture from seeping into the container; moisture that could lead to rusting or damaging of the items stored inside. The Rubbermaid Roughneck bin is ideal for use in the attics, basements, and garages.


Best Oversize: – Homz Snaplock Clear Storage Bin with Lid

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Homz Snaplock bin has an ergonomic design with wheels. The wheels make it portable, so that users can move it easily around the room. It has a shallow profile, which makes it possible to store it under the bed. The bin can be used for storing clothing, shoes, blankets, office supplies, games, crafts, personal items, and toys.

The Homz Snaplock bin also features a lid that keeps all items safe within the tote. The lids are designed with snap-latch closures to keep them tight in place. The material used to make the tote is see-through and the container can be stacked to maximize on space.


Best Under-Bed: – Rubbermaid Cleverstore Clear 41 Quart

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The Rubbermaid Cleverstore 41QT bin comes in a set of four oversize totes. Therefore, it is ideal for sorting large and oversized items. However, despite its sizable footprint, the plastic bin is not meant to hold bulky items. Instead, it can only hold large, but lightweight products. For example, the bin can be used to store sports equipment, stuffed animals and toys, gloves, hats and seasonal decor.

Best Snap Top: – Sterilite 30 Quart/28 Liter Ultra Latch Box

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The most outstanding feature of the Sterilite Ultra Latch Box is its snap-top. The snap-top is a removable lid that snaps to close and is held by two latches that hold the lid tightly into place. While the plastic bin is not ideal for storing large, heavy-duty items, it can be used as a classic and elegant storage bin for items, such as summer clothes.


Best Collapsible: – iWill Create Pro Collapsible Storage Bins with Lids


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This is the most recommended bin for storing clothes. Being made of breathable material, the storage bin allows enough airflow into the bin, preventing any development of mold and musty smells.

Hence, you can use the IWill Create Pro storage bin to store wool sweaters, socks, and undergarments; clothes that tend to accumulate moisture quite easily. What’s even better, the bin features a lid that keeps all the clothes contained inside. And by containing clothes inside the lid, it makes a room appear neater and cluster-free.



Nothing feels good than coming home to a clean, tidy, and well-organized home. However, unless you’ve got a good place to store your items, to organize your home into a tidy space can prove to be quite challenging. Therefore, if you are looking to remove clutter from your home and enjoy a cleaner environment, invest in one of the 7 best plastic storage bins today!



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